15 Tips for a Better Local and Interstate Moving Experience

15 Tips for a Better Local and Interstate Moving Experience

Moving Tips for Residential MovesWhen planning a residential move, it pays to hire moving services in Massachusetts that promise quality moving with guaranteed pricing. It doesn’t matter whether you are doing local and interstate moving or if you are making a temporary or international move, it pays to hire a team of professionals who can get the job done right. Statewide Moving Company has many years of experience working with residential and commercial clients in the Southern New England area.

We provide a wide range of services and packing materials to help you achieve your goals and plan a safe and effective moving experience. The tips in this article are designed to help our residential clients who opt to pack their own belongings in preparation for local and interstate moving. Some customers prefer to have our team do the packing for them, but if you want to take this opportunity to downsize some of your belongings, then preparing for a move is the best time to get it done.

Tip #1 – Get your packing supplies ready before you start moving anything. Contact Statewide Moving Company and ask about our moving packages to help you get all of the supplies you could ever need to safely and properly pack your belongings. You don’t want to have to stop halfway through because you forgot the packing paper or bubble wrap.

Tip #2 – Put heavier items on the bottom of your boxes and don’t pack any boxes heavier than 50 pounds, regardless what the information on the outside of the box says. Anything more than 50 pounds and you will have a hard time moving the boxes around before and after your move.

Tip #3 – Use soft items to cushion fragile things or to fill up space in a heavy box. Things like sheets, pillow cases, small towels, socks and other soft things can be used to help fully pack a box that would otherwise be full on the bottom but empty on top. Boxes like this can be crushed easily and broken. It is better to pack all boxes fully.

Tip #4 – Do not over-pack your boxes. Make sure that when you close the lid of the carton, that the box is closed flat and that the sides of the box meet perfectly in the middle. Over-packed boxes can become damaged or broken during transit. Properly seal all boxes with packing tape – not transparent or masking tape.

Tip #5 – If you have smaller boxes, place them inside of larger boxes. It will protect the items inside the smaller box and help to make all of your boxes more uniformed for stacking and moving.

Tip #6 – Check with your moving services in Massachusetts to find out what is allowed to be moved when doing local and interstate moving, and what isn’t. Some examples of items that cannot be packed and moved by your statewide moving company include household cleaners, nail polish and nail polish remover, and other flammable items.

Tip #7 – Food items cannot be moved by most moving services in Massachusetts either. Ask about any food items you have, including canned or boxed foods. If you have a lot of these items you may want to move them yourself in your personal vehicle rather than leaving them behind or disposing of them.

Tip #8 – When packing up your clothing, consider leaving your items inside of your dresser drawers. You can tape the drawers shut so they won’t come open during the move. This will make unpacking a lot easier and will help you find things at your new place.

Tip #9 – Create an “unload first” box that will have all of the things you will need on your first day at your new place. Include essentials like toilet paper, toothbrushes, toothpaste, towels, toiletries, coffee, coffee maker, cups and filters. Consider other items, such as sheets, pillows, blankets and pillow cases, as well.

Tip #10 – If you want to be really organized in your local and interstate moving, consider making an inventory list and mark all of your boxes alphabetically and by room so you can find specific things even faster. A legal pad or a computer spreadsheet should work perfectly. Be as structured or as loose as you want, depending on your organizational needs.

Tip #11 – Contact Statewide Moving Company to set up your move as soon as possible to ensure that you get your desired moving date. We will provide you with a free estimate of our services to give you quality moving with guaranteed pricing. We offer moving services in Massachusetts for residential and commercial clients.

Tip #12 – Consider using our warehouse storage option if you are downsizing to a smaller house or apartment. Some of our clients use storage when they are moving out of state or out of the country on a temporary basis so they don’t have to bring everything with them back and forth on the move. Contact us for pricing on storage options right here in Massachusetts.

Tip #13 – If you take apart any furniture, such as table legs or glass doors, make sure to keep the hardware for the furniture in a zip bag and tape it to the underside of the table or inside of the piece. This will help you to find everything you need to reassemble it when you get to your new location.

Tip #14 – Start packing as soon as all of your plans for the move become set to avoid a last minute scramble.

Tip #15 – Hire reputable, trusted and reliable moving services. You can trust Statewide Moving Company. We have four locations to better serve our customers, including West Yarmouth, Natick, Framingham and West Bridgewater.

Contact Statewide Moving Company and get a FREE quote on your next move. Give us a call at 508-620-6411. Our team will help you with your local and interstate moving, providing you with quality moving with guaranteed pricing for all moving services in Massachusetts.

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