Assemble a Relocation Team: Commercial Moving in Massachusetts

Assemble a Relocation Team: Commercial Moving in Massachusetts

commercial relocation team in MassachusettsThe best way to pull off a successful relocation of a commercial business is to assemble a team to address all of the tasks, issues, and concerns about the move. Unlike a residential move, commercial moving in Massachusetts has many unique objectives and obstacles that could delay or otherwise impede a relocation. The best way to reduce downtime and ensure a successful move is to plan out every aspect of the process and work with a reliable moving company in Natick to get the job done right. At Statewide Moving Company, we offer Southeastern Massachusetts and Cape Cod moving services to commercial, industrial, and residential clients within the Greater New England area. We can provide specialty commercial packing services, logistics support, and a comprehensive estimate for our services to ensure there are no surprises on moving day.

Create an Office Relocation Plan

Similar to other projects that you plan with your staff, commercial moving in Massachusetts should consider all aspects of the move from start to finish. Advising customers or clients about your impending move, notifying utility companies and vendors, and ensuring that your organization is able to get back to business without any significant delays is essential. After hours moves, weekend relocations, and other methods can provide you and your team with the ability to reduce the impact on your customers and ensure your staff are ready to reopen at the new location as soon as possible. Interim storage opportunities can streamline the process, and multi-step moves can help to eliminate common issues with relocation for customer service-oriented businesses.

Appoint a team leader who is to be the point of contact for all staff, vendors, and Cape Cod moving services. Don’t muddy the waters by having too many people taking phone calls and making decisions about your specialty commercial packing services and moving plans. Determine the key dates for the moving process, including your current lease end, new lease start, preferred moving date, completed build-out, and final moving day. Establish your moving budget and work with our moving company in Natick to ensure that you stay within your estimated costs. Be sure to include packing supplies or packing services, as well as any storage solutions you might use to expedite your move and protect your valuable assets during relocation.

Choose a Commercial Moving Company

When you start looking at companies to use for commercial moving in Massachusetts, you will notice that there are lots of options. National brand name companies, do-it-yourself loading, and moving solutions, and comprehensive commercial moving companies that do it all can be chosen, depending on your needs. However, it is essential to understand that the needs of residential and commercial moving are quite different, so if the moving company in Natick or anywhere else in Southeastern Massachusetts does not specifically state that they provide commercial moving services, they might not be the right choice for your needs.

At Statewide Moving Company, we specialize in commercial moving services. Our team of moving technicians has received training and has many years of experience working with commercial relocations, including the packing and moving of high-value, oversized, and sensitive equipment. We can move modular furniture and sophisticated radiology equipment and handle irreplaceable antiques as part of our commercial moving services. We have moved complete medical offices, dental clinics, and laboratories for our clients and can provide professional quality packing materials and services for all of the items we relocate for your organization.

Get a FREE Estimate

The best way to ensure a worry-free moving experience is to know what to expect. When you call Statewide Moving Company to learn more about our Greater Cape Cod moving services, we can schedule an on-site walk-through of your business to learn more about the items you need us to move. This will help us to offer a comprehensive estimate that will eliminate any unexpected surprises on your moving day and ensure that our team has the workforce, equipment, and tools necessary to get the job done without delay. Give us a call to discuss your needs for commercial moving in Massachusetts at 508-620-6411. We can answer any questions you might have about our specialty commercial packing services and other opportunities to assist you in your commercial relocation.

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