Bought a New House? West Yarmouth Moving Company Moving Tips

Bought a New House? West Yarmouth Moving Company Moving Tips

Cape Cod Residential Moving ServicesCongratulations on finding a brand new home for you and your family. Once you get over the excitement of purchasing a new house in the Southeastern Massachusetts area, it’s time to get serious and start thinking about moving. Depending on how long you have lived at your current location, you might have a lot of stuff to move. Our Southcoast and Cape Cod moving services can help you get everything in order, packed properly for protection, and ensure that you have a safe and stress-free moving experience.

Statewide Moving Company is a West Yarmouth moving company with additional locations in Framingham, Natick, and West Bridgewater. We provide quality moving services to residential and commercial clients throughout the Southern New England area. We offer local and interstate moving options, as well as comprehensive residential moving protection services. The best way to get started is to contact our team to get a FREE estimate for our moving services. We can take care of basic moving services or offer complete packing services to reduce the stress of moving even further, depending on your needs.

Tip #1 – Learn to Label Everything

If you are going to do the packing or at least pack some of your personal items, make sure to label everything clearly. Get one of those big black permanent markers and write information on the top and sides of the boxes that will help you with the unpacking. Write the name of the room that you want the box to go into, such as KITCHEN, LIVING ROOM, or MASTER BATHROOM. This will help you unload faster and then find everything when you need it. Try not to combine items from multiple rooms to avoid any confusion. The better organized you are from the beginning, the easier it will be throughout the entire process.

Tip #2 – Keep a Checklist

There are a lot of things that will need to be done to complete your move. Setting a date for our moving company in Massachusetts to come to your home, pack up, and relocate everything to your new house should be the number one priority. Once that’s set, you can coordinate setting up utilities at the new location and prepare to have accounts shut off and closed at your existing home. Include electric, gas, water, trash, cable, internet, satellite, pest control, and any other type of services that you receive. You will also want to forward your mail from your old address to the new one and make sure the post office has all of the correct contact information. Change your address with credit card companies, insurance companies, and other professional organizations directly to avoid any delays in receiving contact letters in the mail.

Tip #3 – Pack It All Safely

Make sure that you have all of the packing materials you need to safeguard your belongings. If you choose to pack everything yourself, ask our West Yarmouth moving company about getting boxes and other packing supplies ahead of time. If we pack your things, you may be eligible for additional residential moving protection and insurance. If you improperly pack your grandmothers irreplaceable tea set and it gets broken, it might not be covered. Get everything from bubble wrap to packing tape, packing peanuts and padding material. Over-protecting your valuables is much better than under-protecting them and having something get broken.

Tip #4 – Don’t Move Your Trash

If possible, take time to go through your things as you pack or before you have our team come to pack up your home. Sort things based on the stuff you want to keep, things you want to toss out, items you want to donate, and boxes of belongings that you want to put into storage. If you are moving into a smaller home, you might have to store a lot of things to consolidate your assets. However, if you are moving into a larger home, you might have a new storage closet that you can use for holiday decorations and other seasonal items that you don’t use all year-long. Toss out any old, worn or not-in-use furniture and other large items to reduce the amount of stuff that has to be moved by our moving company in Massachusetts.

Tip #5 – Be a Good Communicator

If there are any delays in your moving plans, contact our Cape Cod moving services immediately. We will do everything we can to accommodate you. Sometimes there are escrow delays or issues with work that needs to be done before you can move into the new home. The sooner you can let someone at Statewide Moving Company know about any possible changes, the better.

Ready to Take the Plunge?

If you are interested in getting a FREE no-hassle quote from Statewide Moving Company, as well as information on residential moving protection and packing services, give us a call at 508-620-6411. We will provide you with all of the information you need to make a decision about hiring our West Yarmouth moving company for your local or interstate move. Our goal is to help each customer have a worry-free moving experience, so make sure to ask about all of the services and options available through our moving company in Massachusetts that are designed to help make that happen.

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