Cape Cod Area Specialty Moving Services: Medical or Radiology

Cape Cod Area Specialty Moving Services: Medical or Radiology

Medical Moving ServicesCommercial moving services are very important to the relocation of professional businesses. However, when it comes to planning a commercial move for medical offices, clinics and hospitals, as well as radiology departments or laboratories, the need for specialty moving services can come into play. You can’t just hire any company that provides commercial packing services and moving, you need to work with a team of professionals who can provide you with the knowledge, experience, equipment and logistics required for proper medical moving services in Massachusetts.

High Value Equipment
Much of the equipment that will need to be packed, loaded, shipped, unloaded, unpacked and set up by your commercial moving services will be very expensive. It pays to hire specialty moving services who regularly work with high value equipment that can provide you with quality services and insurance for your valuable medical office equipment. You don’t want to just hire “two guys and a truck” to show up at your office and hope that your expensive equipment arrives in one piece – or arrives at all. Statewide Moving Company has many years of experience providing commercial packing services and specialty moving services in Massachusetts and the surrounding area for medical, dental and radiology industry clients who are planning a commercial move in the local or interstate area.

Sensitive Equipment
In addition to the equipment used by most medical practices being high value, it is also considered to be quite sensitive and must be moved with special care. Not only will our team of professional movers at Statewide Moving Company ensure that your high value items are protected, but they also have the knowledge and experience required to ensure that nothing happens to your sensitive laboratory, radiology and other delicate equipment. Proper commercial packing services will be employed and logistics will be discussed to ensure that nothing happens to your practice’s vital equipment during the move.

Provide Patient Safety
Another common concern with medical practices, clinics, dental offices and laboratories is making sur that patient information is properly cared for and protected. Issues of liability for the retention of medical records, as required by state and federal law, should always be adhered to, especially during a move. Some moves can take place over a period of months, providing you and your commercial moving services with the time needed to get everything planned and put into place, while others can be more abrupt and can require focused attention to detail in a short amount of time. Consult with a practice attorney or medical industry consultant to ensure that you move patient records and other vital information according to legal requirements to properly ensure patient safety.

Ensure Continuity of Care
If you will be using specialty moving services in Massachusetts for a local move and will be retaining your existing patients, make sure that they know ahead of time about your relocation and are aware of the end date at your current location and the start date at the new one. Send out patient letters via post mail, email notifications for patients who are online and post notices in your office in a couple of locations as soon as you have your date set for planning a commercial move. The more you can do to let your patients know about your new location, ensure that they can reach you in case of emergency, and that no appointments get missed during the specialty moving services process, the better it will be for everyone involved.

Other Important Notifications
In addition to working with your commercial packing services and specialty moving services to ensure a worry-free moving experience, you will need to notify others about your upcoming move. The company you hire to provide commercial moving services should take care of all the packing and moving for you, including any sensitive items that you might need to relocate. You will need to work with your practice attorney to notify any local hospitals or associations that you work with, as well as all third-party payers, Medicare and Medicaid, the state licensing board, your staff, insurance companies, landlords, vendors and other creditors. This should be done at least 60 days prior to your move or as soon as you confirm your moving date.

Call Statewide Moving Company in Cape Cod
If you are planning a commercial move for your medical practice, clinic or laboratory, contact the team at Statewide Moving Company for all of your moving services in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut or anywhere in the New England area. we provide a wide range of commercial moving services, including commercial packing services, specialty moving services, commercial storage options and much more. Call today at 508-620-6411 to get a FREE QUOTE on any of our professional moving services or to schedule a medical move with our team of professional movers.

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