Cape Cod Moving Services: Residential Moving Tips & Solutions

Cape Cod Moving Services: Residential Moving Tips & Solutions

Cape Cod residential moving companyOne of the most frustrating parts of planning for a move is packing up your belongings. Figuring out how to get everything you own into a stack of cardboard boxes can be overwhelming. The good news is that there are moving services in Massachusetts that can offer professional packing services, supplies, and residential moving protection. When you hire Cape Cod moving services through Statewide Moving company, you can rest assured knowing that your belongings will be in good hands. As professional movers in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and all of Southern New England, we have many years of experience working with residential and commercial clients. So whether you want to pack it all up yourself or have our expert team of packers come to your home, we can create a moving solution that is right for you.

Scheduling a Move

As soon as you know you are moving, it’s a good idea to hire a team of professional movers. This is especially true if your move will occur during the busy summer season when the kids are out of school. Holiday weekends, popular vacation seasons, and back-to-school time for local colleges and universities are also extremely popular for moving. It is suggested that you make reservations between two and four weeks ahead of your move. This will give you time to create a plan for packing, contact the utility companies to let them know about your move, put in a change of address with the post office, and get all of your medical records and school information together. Don’t forget about newspapers and magazine subscriptions, pest control companies, lawn services, and other non-utility companies. Make sure to change your address with credit cards, loans, and other essential bills.

When you begin making plans for a move early, it gives you the opportunity to get a head start on all of the packing and cleaning that will need to happen before moving day. Depending on how long you have lived at your current address, that might mean a bit of light packing and cleaning or a lot of cleaning out closets, garage storages, and other areas that you have neglected for years. If you are even thinking about moving, you might want to go through the attic, basement, garage, and closets before you even set a date with professional movers in Cape Cod, to make sure you have time to get the work done. Expert organizers suggest creating three piles for your belongings: save, donate or sell, and trash. This will help you to sort through everything faster and get everything packed up and ready to go. You might want to have some packing supplies on hand so you can begin packing up things like holiday decorations, keepsakes, off-season attire, and other things that you won’t need right away during the move.

Contact Moving Services in Massachusetts

Make sure to speak with the movers and discuss your needs for everything, from packing supplies to oversize furniture handling, residential moving protection, and anything else you can think of for your home. The movers might come to your location to determine whether they need any special equipment or if they might need additional staff to get the job done. Upstairs apartments without elevator access, narrow hallways, and other considerations might impact your Cape Cod moving services, so they must be addressed. The more our team at Statewide Moving Company can plan out ahead of your move, the faster and easier it will be to get everything packed, loaded, and transported on moving day. Let us know if you want our team to disassemble furniture for you or if you will be taking care of that yourself. The more details we have to work with, the easier it will be to provide you with an accurate estimate for services.

Other things to check out and let the movers know:

  • special handling instructions for moving large appliances
  • properly shutting down electronics and computers before disconnecting to move
  • removal of any items that moving companies are not allowed to transport by law, such as chemicals, gasoline, flammables, ammunition, and explosives, just to name a few
  • padding for wood and tile floors to prevent scratches at the old and new house locations
  • requirements for specialty equipment – pianos, organs, large module furniture, bookcases, etc.

Residential Moving Protection

There are many reasons to work with professional movers in Cape Cod instead of trying to do it all yourself. However, there is one advantage that you will never get if you do it on your own. Residential moving protection is included as part of our Cape Cod moving services. There is a basic free option, but also an upgraded feature that can be added to provide additional insurance and protection for your belongings. When you contact Statewide Moving Company to get a FREE estimate for our services, make sure to discuss your needs for residential moving protection and other specialized moving services in Massachusetts. Give us a call at 508-620-6411 and speak with one of our agents. We can answer any questions that you might have about residential moving services in Southeastern Massachusetts, Rhode Island, or any of the New England states that we serve. Statewide Moving Company has many years of experience providing quality moving services designed so our customers can have a worry-free moving experience.

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