Commercial Moves in Massachusetts: Specialty Packing Services

Commercial Moves in Massachusetts: Specialty Packing Services

Smart Commercial Moving LogisticsOne of the most complicated parts about any commercial move, is making sure that your items are packed and protected properly for transportation. Commercial moving services often provide clients with logistics services that can assist with commercial packing services, as well as determine whether or not specialty commercial packing services might be in order. When you hire professional moving services in Massachusetts through a company like Statewide Moving Company, you get all of our years of training, experience and knowledge working together you to provide the best possible results.

Why Smart Moving is Important
When it comes to moving high value or sensitive equipment, including computers, medical equipment or expensive artwork and furniture, it pays to be working with commercial packing services. While you might think you have a handle on what it takes to properly pack up all of your assets and move them to the new location, there’s a lot more to a commercial move than there is to a residential move. Different types of things need to be moved, many of which will require the use of the elevator, freight elevator or stairs. Sometimes creative methods need to be employed to get something out that will make you wonder how it even got inside the office in the first place.

Commercial packing services are about more than just packing and unpacking a bunch of boxes. A careful plan that includes organization, scheduling and proper placement of items to maximize space and safety, should always be employed for an office or business move. Moving logistics combines experience and manpower with the proper equipment and tools, to ensure that you have a worry-free move. Experienced commercial moving services will have procedures in place that help them to handle your commercial move every step of the way, starting with the initial estimate all the way to the last box. Whether you require packing and unpacking services or not, your professional moving services in Massachusetts will be there with you to the end.

Specialty Moving Services
Another great way that Statewide Moving Company can help our clients make a professional move is through our experience with specialty items. We have moved complete medical offices, clinics and hospitals, as well as specialists’ offices with high value and extremely sensitive equipment. We have moved in and out of awkward moving situations, including too-small elevators, winding hallways and narrow doors. Our team can handle anything that your situation throws at us, but because we work with you to create a plan for moving logistics, we will be prepared on the day of your move and ready to make it happen.

Expensive office furniture, high-tech equipment, appliances, sensitive data servers and much more can all be moved through the use of our specialty commercial packing services and moving. We carefully calculate your entire move from beginning to end, to ensure that our clients will have a truly worry-free moving experience. Scheduled packing, pick-up and delivery times will help you feel secure about your move. Even if you are relocating on a tight schedule and need to have everything moved and unpacked to open your business up the next day, we can help you to achieve your goals to reduce downtime during your move.

Set-Up Services and Installation
Another great service available through our professional moving services in Massachusetts, is our set-up services and installation. Speak with one of our representatives about having your things re-assembled and set-up at the new location. Cubicles, modular furniture, desk systems and office services equipment can all be packed, loaded, moved, unloaded, unpacked and set-up for you as part of our overall commercial moving services, according to your specifications. Sensitive and delicate items, such as flat panel screens and computer networks or servers, can all be set-up at your new space according to your needs.

Call Statewide Moving Company in Southeastern Massachusetts
If you are in need of commercial packing and moving services in the New England area, look no further than the team of highly trained and experienced movers at Statewide Moving Company. Our team can help you to have a truly worry-free experience through our selection of commercial moving services and options. If you require specialty commercial packing services and moving, make sure to let our moving logistics team members know right away. We will come out to your property to take a look at what needs to be moved in order to give you an accurate quote for our services. Call 508-620-6411 to start planning your commercial move today!

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