Commercial Moving in Massachusetts: How to Plan an Easy Move

Commercial Moving in Massachusetts: How to Plan an Easy Move

commercial-movingWhen it comes to planning a commercial move, there’s a lot more to consider and organize than what we are used to with a residential move. Moving in general can be very overwhelming. If you are the business owner or manager, chances are you are thinking about a lot of things, such as cost, potential downtime, making a smooth transition and concerns about moving expensive equipment that could be damaged in the process.

The truth is, the more time that you spend making plans and working with a team of professionals to help you with your commercial moving in Massachusetts or larger, interstate moves, the better everything will be. Hiring a professional Framingham commercial moving company to provide you with the local and commercial experience you require, as well as specialty moving services for unique equipment, large amounts of inventory and other unique situations, can take a lot of the stress out of your move.

Reduce the Amount of Things to Be Moved
One way to cut down on some of the stress related to your move is to actually reduce the amount of items that will need to be packed and loaded. If your business is office based, consider going through furniture and other equipment to see what is out-dated or no longer in use that could be tossed out, recycled or donated. Things like old phones, printers, copy machines, old lounge furniture, broken cubicle partitions – there are tons of things like this in every office that people mean to throw away, but don’t. If your business is retail based, consider storing some of your inventory in commercial storage ahead of time to reduce the amount of things that have to be transported on moving day or host a big sale and try to get rid of some off-season inventory that is no longer moving.

Start Preparing Months Ahead of Your Moving Date
How is that possible? Well, start packing up the things that you don’t use on a daily basis that can be put into storage while you are planning a commercial move. Seasonal decorations, holiday items, old files that you need to keep, but don’t access every day – all of these items can be packed up, moved into storage or placed in an area of your warehouse where they can be easily moved on moving day. Have employees start packing up their personal items from their desks so that they will be ready to just load up their boxes, unplug their computers and then put it all back together at the new location.

Hire a Consultant to Help With Specialty Moving Services
Do you have over-sized or unusual items that need to be moved with care? Offices in the medical industry will often have things like large X-ray machines, scanners, lab equipment and other unique items that must be handled carefully and moved in a specific way in order to protect them from damage. Statewide Moving, in addition to providing top quality commercial and residential moving, also offers specialty moving services for sensitive equipment, high tech equipment, specialty furniture, office equipment and much more. Contact our office to speak with one of our experienced consultants who can help you decide what type of services and support you will need from our local Framingham commercial moving company.

Know When to Start Making Plans
If you have already decided to hire a company to take care of your commercial moving in Massachusetts, either locally, interstate or internationally, contact them at least a month or two in advance. The sooner you can set a date, the better. Make sure to get quotes on services, ask about insurance and find out about all of the specialty moving services available to help you while you are planning a commercial move. If you want to reduce downtime, plan a move in the evening after your office closes for the night or over the weekend so you can open up at the new location on Monday morning without missing a beat.

Make Sure You Are Insured
If the local Framingham commercial moving company offers you insurance, make sure you look it over, consider it and take it. Sometimes you can be covered for a move through your regular business insurance, but at least consider the insurance options offered by the commercial moving company. This is especially true if you will be utilizing specialty moving services for antiques, over-sized items and sensitive equipment. Make sure the moving company is covered as well. You don’t want to be on the hook for an on-the-job injury because you forgot to ask questions or went cheap with day labor workers instead of hiring a team of licensed, insured and certified professionals.

Count on the Specialty Moving Services at Statewide Moving
If you are planning a commercial move in Southeastern Massachusetts or anywhere in the New England area, consider Statewide Moving Company & Storage. We have many years of experience serving clients in the South Coast and Cape Cod areas, plus we are able to assist in interstate and international moves as well. Give us a call at 508-620-6411. We have local offices and commercial storage warehouses in several locations throughout the South Mass area and we will come to your business to give you a FREE estimate on your next move.

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