Commercial Moving in Massachusetts: How to Relocate an Office

Commercial Moving in Massachusetts: How to Relocate an Office

commercial-relocationPlanning a commercial move can be overwhelming, but when you get right down to it, it’s just like any other type of move. Things need to get packed, they need to get loaded into a moving truck and they need to be transported to the new location. Commercial packing services through a reputable moving company can help you take care of everything either in advance or immediately prior to your move. Specialty commercial packing services can also be hired for fragile or sensitive equipment. Once you identify what you need to have done and work on addressing the related issues surrounding it, the whole task becomes a lot easier.

Learn to Love Lists
One of the best ways to stay organized and make sure that nothing gets forgotten when planning a commercial move, is to learn how to make lists for everything. Create a list of all the vendors and utilities that you need to contact about your move and when you need to contact them to make sure everything transfers over to the new location. Make a list of all of the printed items that need to be changed, such as business cards, stationary and envelopes. Make a list of all the items in your office that will require specialty commercial packing services and transportation. This is especially important in a medical office or an office that has a lot of sensitive computers and equipment.

Another great list to make and update throughout the process is a list that outlines everything you will need to do overall every step of the way, such as hiring commercial moving in Massachusetts, contacting the commercial packing services to come pack up your equipment and anything else that is required for planning a commercial move. You can make notes on the list regarding costs, deposit due dates, contracts that need to be signed and anything else that must be done prior to, during and after your move. Consider this list to be your Master List with all of the information you need to have a successful move.

Make Sure the Movers Know What You Need
This is why it is so important to work with a moving company that has a lot of experience working with commercial clients. While you won’t always need specialty commercial packing services and movers that are highly trained in the breakdown and setup of your sensitive computer equipment, it is good to know that such options are available when you are planning a commercial move.

When you speak with the moving company representative, make sure that they understand very clearly what it is that you need from their service. Most companies that specialize in commercial moving in Massachusetts will give you a written estimate of their services so you can see what is included, but if you have any questions, make sure to ask. It is important that the moving company understands where you need to move, when you need to move, how much stuff you need to move, what work needs to be done when you arrive, and whether or not you need unpacking services.

Work With Your Co-Workers for a Smooth Transition
Make sure to call a meeting of all employees to announce the move with as much advance notice as possible, especially if you are moving out of the immediate area. Check with state laws regarding the amount of time that you are required to give your staff to ensure that you are working in accordance with the law. Discuss all of your plans for the move, including the moving date and what is expected of each employee during the moving process. Tell them about the commercial packing services, specialty commercial packing services and professional movers that will be taking care of relocating the office.

The more you can work with your team to ensure that this move goes smoothly, the less problems you will have. As long as everyone knows what they are responsible for and when everything will be happening, you will reduce the chances that someone will forget to do something essential to the relocation. Consider establishing a special team or committee to focus on all of the things that need to be taken care of prior to the move and that will handle all of the setup once the relocation has been completed. This will help you to get back on track and reduce the amount of downtime that your office will experience.

Call Statewide Moving Company for Your Commercial Move
If you are in discussion regarding a relocation in the Southeastern Massachusetts area, contact Statewide Moving Company. Our team can help you figure out what type of commercial packing services you need and assist in the details associated with planning a commercial move. We have many years of experience working with commercial and residential clients, plus we can also help with any type of specialty commercial packing services you might need for sensitive, expensive and fragile professional equipment. Give us a call today at 508-620-6411 to schedule a free estimate or to learn about our high quality services and worry-free moving experience.

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