Commercial Moving in Massachusetts: Medical & Dental Offices

Commercial Moving in Massachusetts: Medical & Dental Offices

Framingham commercial movingFramingham commercial moving services are quite different than what is needed for typical residential relocation. However, that being said, medical and dental office moving often require specialty moving services that aren’t used with most commercial moving in Massachusetts. Every move will have obstacles that need to be overcome and challenges that must be met in order to meet relocation deadlines to reduce downtime and continue providing essential services to patients. If you are planning a move for a medical practice, dental office, clinic, or professional laboratory, consider hiring Statewide Moving Company. Our team is specifically trained in medical moving requirements, and we have experience moving individual practices, large clinics, radiology departments, and comprehensive medical labs for our clients in the New England area.

A Worry-Free Moving Experience

Our mission at Statewide Moving Company is to provide every client we serve with a worry-free moving experience. Our logistics team can meet with you and your staff to discuss points of concern, questions about packing, and offer a wide range of specialty moving services that focus on your unique needs. Packing up a medical business is not like any other type of commercial moving in Massachusetts. It requires a lot more detail than simply packing up desks and chairs, filing cabinets, and office supplies. Healthcare industry moves have requirements that are not seen in other types of Framingham commercial moving. Even medical office furniture and non-sensitive equipment will often pose challenges for a moving company that does not have training and experience with healthcare relocations.

The sooner you can contact our team to begin making a plan for your medical and dental office moving strategy, the better. If you are moving from one leased location to another, either upgrading the space or downgrading to reduce overhead, there will be considerations with landlords that must be addressed. Make sure you know the terms of your current agreement so you can allow yourself enough time to give notice and secure a new space without too much overlapped time. Paying rent at two locations is not ideal, but in some cases, you might have a two to four week period where you are getting one space ready while preparing to leave the other. Packing services are also available for clients who need commercial moving in Massachusetts, and our team is trained to assist with sensitive documents, computers and electronics, high-value equipment, and oversized furniture.

Other Things to Consider

Once you have made plans with Statewide Moving Company for your Framingham commercial moving and packing needs, you can begin taking care of all the other essential tasks that must be completed before moving day. Notifying your employees and provide them with a complete outline for the moving process and any other changes that will need to be made. Hiring new employees, changing parking arrangements, providing new breakrooms, and other benefits – anything that will change should be addressed directly with your staff. Once employees are notified, you can begin to post notices to patients at the office, send postcards in advance and reminders on the week of your move, make phone calls, and do everything you can to make sure your patients know how and where to find you. Any changes to phone numbers should also be provided and posted on the practice website.

Other services that need to be notified of your impending move include payers, such as insurance companies, Medicare, Medicaid, and other services that you use to provide care to patients. Office and medical supply companies, laboratories, and other vendors that you use will also need to have as much advanced notice as possible to avoid any gaps, delays, or misunderstandings. If you do not properly notify these companies of your move, you might see your business come to a grinding halt. Without medical supplies, insurance companies, and patients, there’s not much that can be done. Healthcare industry experts recommend providing a minimum 30-day advance notice to all essential services and providers. However, it is a good idea to go back over any contracts that you have to determine if any additional time might be required or if there are any special steps that must be taken to avoid any potential issues.

Get a FREE Estimate

One of the most significant concerns about planning commercial moving in Massachusetts is cost. If you have never made a move of your entire office or practice before, this will be a relatively unknown and unfamiliar territory. This is yet another reason to work with a Framingham commercial moving company that has experience and training for medical and dental moving clients. Take advantage of all our specialty moving services, from packing and logistics to special equipment and expert planning, to ensure a smooth and uneventful relocation. If you would like to learn more about our moving services designed specifically for healthcare industry clients or would like to schedule an initial assessment and estimate for your impending move, contact Statewide Moving Company at 508-620-6411 and speak with one of our agents directly about your needs.

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