Commercial Moving Services in MA: Relocate a Dental Practice

Commercial Moving Services in MA: Relocate a Dental Practice

Commercial moving servicesAre you thinking about relocating your established dental practice? Any type of commercial move needs to include some careful consideration about where you are moving – and why. It should also include hiring a Southeastern Massachusetts commercial moving company that can provide you with professional packing supplies and specialty commercial packing services. You want to make sure that you hire a reputable team to provide you with commercial moving services in Massachusetts that has experience working within the medical field. With all of the sensitive and expensive equipment that is found in a dental practice, you want to ensure that everything gets moved in one piece.

Choose a Good Location
One of the most important things to consider when moving your dental practice is whether or not the new location will improve the experience for your patients. Sure, you might be saving a little bit on rent, but will your patients appreciate the new office? As you tour the new space, think about it from a patient’s point of view, which is typically looking up at the ceiling while you work on their teeth. Take a look at all of the architectural advantages, consider the change in area and whether or not that will be appealing, and even consider the parking situation. Once you pick the best office space for your dental practice, you can get to the business of hiring a Southeastern Massachusetts commercial moving company to help take care of your relocation.

Hire Specialty Commercial Packing Services
Make sure that when you start looking at commercial moving services in Massachusetts, that you hire a company that has experience working with dental equipment. Statewide Moving Company offers a wide range of professional packing supplies that you can either use yourself to get everything packed up the way you want it, or you can rely on our team of professional packing specialists to take care of it all for you. We will come out to your current location and go over everything with you ahead of time to make sure that nothing gets overlooked. If you have any questions or concerns about moving specialty, sensitive or high value equipment, make sure to ask about it at that time. We can provide you with references to other satisfied commercial clients who we have helped relocate medical practices throughout the New England region.

Let Patients Know About the Move
Once you decide where and how you are moving, you need to let your patients know when the change is coming. Once you secure the date with the real estate agent and hire your Southeastern Massachusetts commercial moving company, you can start posting notices at the office. Send out flyers in the mail, newsletters via email and post news about your upcoming move on social media. Depending on the primary demographic of your office, either older patients or younger families, one method may work better than the other. However, it pays to use all methods to make sure that everyone knows that you are moving. Even if you are just going down the street to a larger office, it is important to ensure that all of your patients know what to expect from the move.

BONUS TIP – Make a map. Create a map that shows patients “you are here” and then show how to get to the new location. Choose the fastest route and highlight any major landmarks to make it easier for people to get an idea of where you will be located. Hang the map up near the front desk where everyone will see it as they check in for appointments and close to your staff so they can answer questions about the move.

Medicare and Medicaid
You need to make sure that all of your change of address paperwork is submitted to Medicare, Medicaid and any insurance providers that you work with to ensure that there are no future issues with payment. In particular, government paperwork can take awhile to process, so the sooner you can advise them of your new address and contact information, the better. You do not want to have a billing gap or lose out on payments because the paperwork isn’t submitted or processed at the right time. Work with your office staff and medical billing department to make sure that nothing gets overlooked or forgotten.

Start Early
Whenever you are making a business move, it is important to give yourself a minimum of two months advance notice for packing and planning. Specialty commercial packing services, like the services available at Statewide Moving Company, can help you with a wide variety of commercial moving services in Massachusetts that will make the process even easier. You want to give yourself enough time to take care of the essential aspects of your move, make sure you provide the proper amount of security for patient records and that the Southeastern Massachusetts commercial moving company you hire can properly transport and move your most sensitive equipment.

Get a FREE QUOTE for Commercial Moving Today
Contact Statewide Moving Company by calling 508-620-6411 to get a FREE QUOTE on your upcoming commercial or professional move. Our team can help you with everything you need to have a smooth and stress-free relocation, from professional packing supplies to specialty commercial packing services. Our team of movers are highly trained, certified and experienced in specialty commercial moving services in Massachusetts, so you can trust Statewide Moving Company to get the job done right.

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