Commercial Relocation in Framingham: Specialty Moving Services

Commercial Relocation in Framingham: Specialty Moving Services

Planning a commercial move can be much more complicated than a residential move. There are a lot more things to consider. If your business deals directly with consumers, you will want to take several months to effectively plan your move to prevent loss of customers and seamlessly transition from one location to the next. However, if you have over-sized, odd-shaped, high value, or otherwise difficult items that need to be moved, the process becomes a bit more complicated. Examples of this can include doctor’s offices, dental clinics, hospitals, legal offices, billing companies, and art museums. But the truth is that any type of commercial business could have fragile items or sensitive items that require specialty moving services.

The Statewide Moving Company Difference
There are a lot of moving companies in Massachusetts that also provide commercial packing services and relocations. However, Statewide Moving Company goes above and beyond any other Framingham commercial moving company to provide you with a worry-free moving experience. Our team will come to your place of business and perform an initial evaluation. We will go over every area of concern that you might have and offer suggestions as to how the move can be accomplished effectively and without delay.

We will visit the new location as well, to determine if any obstacles need to be overcome there as well. Our logistics team will provide you with detailed information about your move so you can start making plans on your end. We will design a custom moving plan that considers your individual needs and requirements, as well as any specialty moving services that will be used to help with the moving of your assets. Commercial packing services are available and highly recommended. This isn’t something you want to take on yourself or rely on your employees to take care of for you.

Specialized Equipment
Our Framingham commercial moving company uses all of its own moving trucks and specialized equipment to ensure that your assets are safely moved from one location to the next. We are trained and experienced in medical lab moving, including all of the fragile, sensitive, high value equipment that is used in a typical laboratory. We also have experience moving radiology equipment and other high value items for our commercial clients in Massachusetts. Our custom moving plan will include information on the type of specialty equipment we will use to properly and safely move your things.

Furniture, modular units, computers, server rooms, file rooms, and large medical equipment are just some of the things that we have moved for our clients in the past. When planning a commercial move, make sure to share information regarding all of the unique items that need to be moved. The chances are good that our logistics team will spot them out on the initial visit to your location, but it is always a good idea to specify any concerns that you might have or point out any equipment that is considered sensitive or high value.

Pianos, Heavy Furniture, and High Value Items
Some of the items that we get asked about a lot include the movement of pianos and organs, heavy office furnishings, and other high value items. Heavy safes, wall file cabinets, and large executive desks are just some of the things that our Framingham commercial moving company will move for our clients. We have specialized trucks and equipment that help us to move all of your valuable assets quickly, easily, and securely. All of our movers have been trained in the proper handling of these heavy and sensitive items. Medical office and dental office equipment, radiology and laboratory equipment, pianos and organs, modular furniture, network server racks and computer equipment – we can handle it all!

If you are planning a move in the New England area, make sure to contact Statewide Moving Company to ask about our specialty moving services. We can provide you with a broad range of commercial packing services, logistics planning, and high value moving options at our Southeastern Massachusetts moving company. So whether you are planning a commercial move to relocate your business or if you just need some heavy, high value, or sensitive items moved from one location to another, you can count on our team to get the job done right. Call Statewide Moving Company at 508-620-6411 and get a FREE quote on any of our professional services.

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