Coordinating & Planning a Commercial Move in the Boston Area

Coordinating & Planning a Commercial Move in the Boston Area

boston-commercial-moveOne of the most difficult parts about planning either local and interstate moving for a commercial business is coordinating all of the elements of the move. When you are planning a commercial move in the Greater Boston area, it pays to work with a professional team of movers that can help you pull it off without a hitch. All the benefits that come from working with commercial packing services and specialty equipment movers, can help you to have a seamless, stress-free move and minimize downtime. Choosing quality moving services in the local area is easy with the experienced team behind Statewide Moving Company.

With locations throughout Southeastern Massachusetts, including our Framingham office, which sits right between Boston and Worcester on the 90, we can have our crews come out to your office and create a strategic plan to help you coordinate your moving process. In fact, our team will come to your office to provide you with a complete estimate for our commercial packing services, specialty moving options and any other services you require. We work with our clients to develop strategic moving solutions and can even provide secure storage space before, during and after a move.

Experience You Can Trust
Some local moving companies only gave experience working with residential clients for household moves. It pays to get your local and interstate moving services from a company that has worked with commercial businesses like yours before. Regardless of what industry you work in, chances are good that you have computers, equipment, and other high value items that need to be packed and transported properly to your new location. The last thing you need to be worrying about is the condition of your business assets during the move.

Because we have worked with commercial clients for many years, we also understand the importance of coordinating a move so that it won’t cause a major disruption in your daily business activities. Nighttime, weekend and even holiday moves can be an option if you want to reduce the amount of time that your computers are offline during business hours. Planning a commercial move in advance can help you think about all of the pieces that need to be coordinated in order to receive truly quality moving services and results.

Planning in Advance
There are lots of reasons why businesses move, either to get a bigger or better location, or to help downsize a bit on overhead costs to help build up the business in times of a downturn economy. Whatever the reason for your move, it helps to plan as far in advance as possible. Not only will you need to secure the new destination that you are going to, but you will also need time to make certain changes that will help you stay in business. If you have a large company, consider which departments are the most essential, which ones should be moved first, and whether you have some that can move ahead of the actual final moving day to get things set-up at the new location.

You will also need to remember to do the following prior to your move:

  • contact utility companies at the current and new locations with on/off dates
  • contact vendors and let them know when you are moving to avoid delivery or service appointments at the old location once you have moved
  • change your company letterhead, business cards, flyers, brochures and any other print marketing tools with the new address and new phone number, if applicable
  • let customers and clients know about the upcoming move and include an actual “move date” in the information so they know when things will be switching
  • advise employees about the move, providing more advance time if the relocation will be out of the local area or require longer commutes for some workers

Moving Coordinators
Working with a moving coordinator who can help take care of all the details for your Boston area move, such as when commercial packing services should show up at the office, what date the quality moving services will come for all the furniture and equipment, and whether planning a commercial move should include extra services for over-sized, high-value and other types of specialty equipment. Having a single point of contact at the moving company will help to ensure that nothing gets overlooked, left behind or forgotten on your actual moving day.

Appoint an employee at your office to work with the moving coordinator at the moving company to help coordinate things in-office to coincide with the plans of the local and interstate moving company. Set dates for when employees should pack up cubicles or offices, when final computer backups and recovery programs need to be implemented by the IT Department, and when your workers will start officially at the new location after the move has been completed. Communicate with your staff frequently and provide all of the details they will need to also have a successful move.

Statewide Moving Company Can Help
Give our team a call at 508-620-6411 to get a FREE quote on our commercial packing services and moving services, or for more information on local and interstate moving in the Greater Boston and Southeastern Massachusetts area. We have four locations to better serve our customers. Our West Yarmouth, Natick, Framingham and West Bridgewater locations can be contacted direct to help plan local and interstate moving from anywhere in the state.

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