Downsizing a Home: Tips for Residential Moving in New England

Downsizing a Home: Tips for Residential Moving in New England

One of the most difficult types of moves to make is one that includes downsizing. Moving from a large home into a smaller condo, apartment or even a single room can be overwhelming. There are lots of reasons for this type of local moving in Massachusetts, such as to reduce monthly costs for mortgage or rent, relocate to a smaller home after the kids grow up and move out, or to move to assisted living care. It is even harder if you have lived in the same home for many years. However, Framingham residential moving does not have to be complicated if you have a plan of action. Whether you are moving or helping a friend or family member make this type of move, it pays to have a strategy.

Inventory Your Belongings
The best place to start with this type of residential moving in New England is to take stock of your stuff. Go through every room and storage area of your home, including the garage, shed, basement, and attic. Start getting an idea of what you have and start making mental notes about what you no longer need. If you are moving to a smaller space, such as a 1,500 square foot condominium, you won’t need all of the furniture that you needed for a 3,000 square foot home. If you are moving to an HOA or an apartment where all of the landscaping will be taken care of for you, you won’t need all of the lawn mowing and gardening equipment. If you are downsizing due to financial reasons, you should start looking at all of the things that you won’t need and consider selling them online or in a garage sale.

Pre-Move Purge
Once you decide what can be cut it is highly recommended that you go through each room in more detail, moving the things that you won’t be keeping into four piles or boxes: store, sell, donate, and trash. Some things will be in poor condition that should not be donated. Start getting rid of those things in the weekly trash leading up to your residential move with a statewide moving company. The things that you want to donate should be brought to the local church or Goodwill location once a week or every other week as you fill up the box. The things that you want to sell should be photographed and put online, either via eBay, Craigslist, the LetGo app or some other program. Make sure to be careful with meeting people you don’t know. Try to meet in public areas or even the local police station for safety.

The things that you want to store can be boxed up and placed in a room that you are not currently using, such as a grown child’s room, extra office space, storage room, large closet, or even a family room. Think about how long you will need to store these items, where you want to store them, and how often you will want to access them. For example, if you have a lot of holiday decorations that you won’t be using at the new location, but you aren’t ready to part with them, you can keep them at a secured storage facility. If you have extra furniture that you won’t need, but don’t want to sell, it could be a good candidate for storage as well.

Contact Local Movers
Once you set a moving date, you can contact Statewide Moving Company about your Framingham residential moving needs. Our team will come out to your property to take an inventory of all the things you want to move. Then we will get details from you about the location that you are moving your things to, just in case there are any logistics issues that need ironing out ahead of time. Long, narrow winding hallways, service elevators that don’t always work, and an apartment on the 20th floor could spell disaster, but if your movers know what to expect, they can find a solution.

When everything is figured out, and a moving date is set, our team will provide you with an accurate and worry-free estimate for your local moving in Massachusetts and the surrounding area. Your estimate will have all of the details surrounding your move listed clearly and accurately for you to consider. If you have any questions about the proposal or if you think you might need additional services for residential moving in New England, just give us a call. Our team of friendly customer service agents and moving experts can help answer any questions that you might have or set you up with an appointment for an extended estimate.

Call Statewide Moving Company today at 508-620-6411. Our team of moving experts can take care of all of the details needed to help you have a worry-free moving experience.

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