Food Service Industry and Commercial Moving in Massachusetts

Food Service Industry and Commercial Moving in Massachusetts

There are many reasons why you might want to move your food service industry business to a new location. Whether you desire more visibility, need a larger space for all your customers, or simply want to try something new, it can feel like a big step to make such a significant change. Once you decide on a new location, you will want to start making plans for Southeastern Massachusetts commercial moving. Instead of trying to do it all yourself, consider hiring a team of professionals who can expedite the moving process, eliminate many of the risks associated with relocating a business, and can even reduce the amount of downtime that you will experience. When you contact Statewide Moving Company for specialty commercial packing services and options for commercial moving in Massachusetts, you gain an experienced team of logistics experts who can help you navigate the process. Make sure to take advantage of all the opportunities available when you hire our team for commercial moving in Massachusetts.

To-Do List for Relocation

After you get everything settled with our commercial packing services and moving options, take time to think about how and when you will let your customers know about the change. Posting a notice at your current location is a great way to get a lot of attention and let customers know when to start visiting you at the new spot. Consider providing them with a little takeaway map or card that shows where you are now and where you will be going so they can see whether it will still be convenient. If you have social media or a mailing list, make sure to post an initial notice and then offer regular reminders as it gets closer to moving day. If possible, work with Statewide Moving for commercial packing services and strategies that will help you complete the final moving process after hours and be ready to open again the next day.

One way that businesses can make the most out of commercial moving in Massachusetts is to have fun with it. Talk up the move to your customers – offer a special exclusive discount or deal to those who follow you to the new location – and maybe even invite everyone in for a Grand Opening event. Examples of ways that other food service industry businesses have tackled their Southeastern Massachusetts commercial moving concerns is a coffee shop that created a delicious new drink named after the street that they were moving to as an opportunity to remind customers of where they would be going and a restaurant offering FREE side dishes or BOGO meals for the first week after opening the new location. Start thinking up all the methods that you could use to market your move effectively.

Other things that should be done include:

  • Advise vendors of the upcoming move with the official date to deliver at the new place.
  • Contact utility companies to ensure you will have power when you arrive and won’t continue paying after you leave.
  • Schedule a walk-through with the landlord after everything is out to ensure good communication.
  • Do as much as you can at the new location before moving to reduce downtime during the relocation.
  • Change your address with the post office, letterhead, receipts, vendors, business cards, and other tools that you use to promote your business.

Schedule the Actual Move

We offer a wide range of services at Statewide Moving Company to help you with commercial moving in Massachusetts. Take advantage of our specialty commercial packing services or get boxes and packing solutions for your move based on your unique needs. When you contact our team, we will come to your location to see what needs to be moved and discuss your goals for Southeastern Massachusetts commercial moving. This is a great time to ask questions, discuss any known issues or obstacles, such as loading docks, elevators, or restricted moving times, and lock in your moving date. The sooner you can contact our team, the easier it will be to accommodate all of your needs. Contact us today to start discussing your plans at 508-620-6411. Ask about our secured storage solutions to help streamline the moving process to ensure you can begin serving customers without delay.

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