Framingham Commercial Moving Company and Pro Packing Services

Framingham Commercial Moving Company and Pro Packing Services

While we do often see businesses that boast about being in the same location for 50 years or more, commercial moving is often a sign of company growth and can be necessary for many other common situations. Whether you are at the end of a lease and see an opportunity to move to a more strategic location for your target demographic or if you simply need a property that offers more room for expansion, you can count on commercial moving services in Massachusetts from Statewide Moving Company.

Moving an office is not easy. While residential moves can be stressful, the need for truly professional and experienced commercial packing services and moving assistance is practically required. This is especially true if you have a lot of high-value equipment, sensitive equipment or heavy machinery that needs to be move. Even relocating cubicles, computer workstations, and other office furniture can require a lot more strategy than simply moving a refrigerator and sofa. It pays to hire a Framingham commercial moving company that can offer quality moving with guaranteed pricing to get the job done right.

Creating a Strategy for Your Move
When it comes to planning a commercial move, it pays to work on the logistics of the relocation with the idea of reducing the amount of downtime for your business. The more time it takes to physically move from your current location to the new storefront or warehouse, the longer you will be “out of business” and unable to serve the needs of your customers. Depending on the type of business that you own, commercial packing services and the physical move can occur overnight, over a weekend or on a three-day holiday weekend. Working with commercial moving services in Massachusetts means identifying your concerns and finding logistical ways to overcome them for a more successful move.

Start by working with your local Framingham commercial moving company to create a timeline that will help you to coordinate the move from start to finish. If you and your employees will be packing up any of the assets or if you will count on our team of commercial packing services providers to do it all for you, mark down the date that this work will be done. To reduce downtime, this work can be scheduled for the day before, the night before or the day of the move, depending again on what it is that you need to move and when it needs to be moved. Old files, records, and unused furniture can be packed away carefully and stored at our secure storage facility in advance until they are ready to be moved.

Notify Employees and Customers
Make sure to give your employees a heads up that the move will occur, especially if you are moving to a location that is in another city, another part of the state or in another state. Anything that might affect the commute of your staff should be discussed carefully ahead of time to avoid any conflicts. If you want your employees to follow you to the new location, make sure to express that very clearly. Let them know all of your plans, including hiring a Framingham commercial moving company to take care of the details. Let them know what their responsibilities are regarding packing up personal items and workstations, as well as when the work needs to be done for the actual move.

If customers or clients come to your place of business, make sure to notify them well in advance as well. Commercial moving services in Massachusetts can help you solidify your plans four to six months in advance, giving you plenty of time to provide customers or clients with proper notice, a map to the new location, and information on the positive changes that it will bring. Medical offices, office buildings, service providers, retail stores, and other types of businesses that work directly with the public will want to make sure that this part of the move goes smoothly and seamlessly to avoid any confusion or loss of business. Send out reminders as it gets closer to the date, such as an email newsletter or postcard via the regular mail service.

Don’t Forget Vendors & Utilities
Just about every type of business works with vendors, either for services to repair copy machines and internet security or to deliver other items, such as retail stock, manufacturing supplies or just coffee for the break room. Make a list of all the vendors that you work with currently or will need to at the new location. You will want to provide proper notice of moving and, in some cases, make arrangements for these professional companies to move their own assets from your current location to the new one. Contact the utility companies to make sure that you have electricity, water, gas, internet services or anything else you will need to run your business switched on at the new place.

Call Statewide Moving Services
If you are in need of commercial moving services in Massachusetts, you can count on the quality moving with guaranteed pricing available through Statewide Moving Services. Our many years of experience working as a local Framingham commercial moving company has helped us to specialize in meeting the demands of commercial clients throughout Massachusetts and the greater New England region. Give us a call at 508-620-6411 to start making plans for your professional move, whether you require commercial packing services or specialty moving logistics, our team can help you to achieve your goals.

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