Framingham Commercial Moving Company: Quality Moving Services

Framingham Commercial Moving Company: Quality Moving Services

Framingham Commercial Moving CompanyWhen it comes to hiring the best commercial moving services in Massachusetts for your retail business, it pays to work with a company that has experience with your type of move. Moving a retail space is quite different than making a residential move or relocating a different kind of business. There are many moving parts that must be considered that will require special care. Quality moving services should provide you with a comprehensive estimate and moving strategy, so you will know what to expect. Working with a reputable Framingham commercial moving company is a must, whether you require professional commercial packing services or will be handling that part yourself.

Statewide Moving Company has proudly served the New England area for many years, providing reliable, professional commercial moving services for a diverse array of businesses. We have worked with many different clients throughout the years, including high-value and sensitive equipment for medical practices, clinics, surgical centers, dental offices, hospitals, and radiology laboratories. We have the knowledge, training, experience, and equipment necessary to move all of your retail store furniture, displays, stock, computers, and other essential assets from your old location to the new. We offer commercial packing services and other specialty options to provide for the safety of your equipment and inventory.

What to Expect from Quality Moving Services

After contacting Statewide Moving Company, you can expect our logistics team to come to your location to discuss your needs for commercial moving services in Massachusetts. We will go over all of the items that you need us to move, talk about your desired moving date, and discuss any concerns that you might have about the relocation. Once everything has been considered, we will take inventory of all your items and provide you with a price estimate. This helps our clients to determine which services they want and to understand all of the moving costs up front. Commercial packing services, specialty moving requirements, and anything else that you need will all be included in your custom quote.

Our team is proud of the reputation that we have earned in the New England region for providing top quality moving services. Our Framingham commercial moving company also has locations in Natick, West Yarmouth, and West Bridgewater to better serve our clients. We make every effort to ensure complete satisfaction for every client we serve and strive to offer competitive rates and comprehensive services for customers planning a commercial move. Together we can achieve both our goals, providing professional results that will exceed your expectations. Our commercial packing services can help to further protect your high-value assets and sensitive equipment, and we even have storage opportunities to help facilitate your move at the local, interstate, or regional level.

Specialty Commercial Moving Services

Retail businesses often have displays and other furniture that are not commonly found in an office setting or different types of business models. If the movers do not properly pack and move these items for retail clients, furniture could get broken, arrive with missing pieces, or not even show up at all. This can be extremely frustrating for retail store owners who need to move as quickly as possible to reduce downtime and get back to the business of selling to their customer base. Whether you are downsizing or expanding to meet the growing needs of your business, Statewide Moving Company can help you to create a strategy with our commercial moving services in Massachusetts.

Some of the things to consider for a retail business relocation include:

  • How much inventory will need to be moved on moving day?
  • How much inventory can be moved ahead of the move to streamline efforts?
  • Will you be liquidating any items before the move?
  • Are there any special requirements for moving inventory for safety purposes?
  • Is there a target date for a “grand opening” at the new location?

The more information you can provide to our Framingham commercial moving company when we come to make our initial estimate for commercial moving services and commercial packing services, the easier it will be to create a solid plan. Quality moving services depend on a good flow of information from the client to the moving company in order to ensure that all needs are met, and all concerns are addressed. Contact Statewide Moving Company at 508-620-6411 to get a FREE estimate for our worry-free moving services or to speak with one of our representatives about any questions you might have about commercial moving services in Massachusetts for local and interstate moves.

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