Framingham Residential Moving: Local & Interstate Relocations

Framingham Residential Moving: Local & Interstate Relocations

framingham residential movingWhile it would be ideal to plan a move on a beautiful spring day when the temperatures are perfect, and the skies are clear, it just doesn’t work that way. Living in New England means learning how to adapt to weather changes at the drop of a hat. When planning an interstate move or even a local relocation, you must take the weather into consideration. It is impossible to guess what the weather will be when you give your 30-45 day notice to a landlord, but it is possible to prepare for anything in advance.

Rain, snow, icy roads, winter winds – these are just some of the things you might have to contend with between November and March. One way to overcome every obstacle is to hire professional Framingham residential moving experts. Not only will they protect your belongings with professional packing supplies and residential moving protection, but they will get you from A to B effectively and efficiently regardless of the rain, sleet, or snow – even better than the US Post Office. Statewide Moving Company offers comprehensive residential relocation services for local and interstate moves.

Why Move in the Winter?

There are some pretty good reasons to make a move in the winter. Most people move in the summer. They wait until the school year has finished, and the kids are on vacation. College students also move in the summer when classes are off for the season. Others might be inspired to move in the summer after a long, hard winter in New England, ready for some mild weather living in another state. Whatever the reasons, you will find it more challenging to hire movers or rent a moving truck in the summer as a result of all the other homeowners and residential customers who are also making a move. Winter can be great because there aren’t as many people moving during this time of year.

The concerns regarding inclement weather disappear when planning an interstate move with a professional team. Experienced movers have worked in a lot of rain, snow, and ice, and have a lot of knowledge regarding the best approach to heavy winter weather. Their focus is to get your belongings moved out of your current location and into the new one, but also to safeguard your things by not “pushing it” if the weather becomes too bad. There are things that you can do to streamline your move and make it easier on yourself and the moving company. You might even save a bit on costs during the winter simply because of supply-and-demand for services this time of year. Make sure to speak with a representative at Statewide Moving Company to discuss your needs for Framingham residential moving.

Plan for Weather Delays

One way to reduce stress is to plan for weather delays. The weather might be clear in the days leading up to your move, but dump down with several feet of snow the night before your relocation. When planning an interstate move or local relocation, you want to think ahead about what would happen if there was a weather delay. For those who have a good amount of time in advance to plan, consider placing the furniture and other items that you don’t currently use every day into storage. Statewide Moving Company can offer services and professional packing supplies to help you move many things to our storage facility early ahead of your actual moving date. This cuts down the amount of stuff that will have to be packed, loaded, and transported on the same day, streamlining your efforts.

Shorter days, inclement weather, traffic jams during the holidays, and other seasonal situations should all be taken into consideration. If you are able, provide yourself with a couple of extra days to complete the move if some portion of your move needs to be rescheduled or delayed for any reason. Also, the more organized you can be, the better. If you end up having to “camp out” at your new location because a winter storm prevented furniture from making its way from the truck to your front door, be prepared. Have a box of essentials ready to go that includes a coffee maker, coffee, cups, sugars, and creamers, along with non-perishable breakfast and snack items, water bottles, and anything else that will make your first night and day bearable. Sleeping bags, pillows, extra blankets, PJs, socks, and maybe even a portable DVD player or laptop so you can watch movies together will also be helpful.

Prep the Walkways and Driveway

If possible, take time to shovel away snow and ice from the driveway, street in front of your house, walkway, and any outdoor steps before the arrival of the Framingham residential moving company. Do this at your current location and the new home. This will make moving out and in a lot easier for the movers, as well as for you and your family. If you cannot do this work yourself or don’t have the necessary tools and equipment, consider hiring a team just for this purpose. There are snow plowing and removal companies that provide services directly to residential clients that are affordable, reliable, and professional.

Contact Statewide Moving Company to learn more about planning an interstate move or local relocation in the Southeastern Massachusetts and Greater New England area in the winter. Our professional packing supplies and services, highly trained team of moving technicians, and residential moving protection opportunities will help you to feel confident in our ability to get the job done effectively and efficiently. Give us a call at 508-620-6411 and speak with one of our team members about your needs for Framingham residential moving services.

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