Hiring the Best Commercial Moving Services in Massachusetts

Hiring the Best Commercial Moving Services in Massachusetts

best-commercial-moving-servicesIf you have never organized a corporate move before, it can be an overwhelming experience. Depending on the type of business that you own or operate, there are many unique concerns that you might not have ever had to consider before with a personal move. Expensive or delicate equipment can require specialty commercial packing services and experienced movers to make sure that everything gets moved properly. Don’t just rely on any moving company in Natick, Massachusetts or the surrounding South Coast area, make sure you hire a professional company that has experience working with commercial moves in your industry.

For example, Statewide Moving Company is experienced in medical and dental office moving. Our entire team has been properly trained in this type of commercial move, including medical lab moving of sensitive high-value equipment, radiology equipment and more. We offer quality moving with guaranteed pricing, so when you get an estimate from our team, you can get a worry-free moving experience that won’t involve any surprise extra charges at the end of the day.

Why You Should Hire a Pro
A lot of people think that they can just handle a commercial move on their own, but when it comes right down to it, there’s a lot more to a commercial move than meets the eye. Transitioning the location of your office from one place to another, whether it is to upgrade, downgrade or move to a different demographic region, is usually for a purpose that is designed to benefit your business in one way or the other. Keeping this in mind, it is important to ensure that this experience runs as smoothly as possible to avoid stress, reduce downtime and get everything there in one piece.

Commercial moving services in Massachusetts should come out to your location to provide you with a free estimate on their services. They should never just quote you a price over the phone without coming out to your store, warehouse or office first to take a look at the equipment, furniture and other items that you have that need to be moved. They should also visit the new location to ensure that there aren’t any surprises, such as doors that are too narrow, restricted commercial moving hours, stairs, elevators or requirements about using a back entrance instead of coming through the main entrance.

Custom Moving Services
When you work with a moving company in Natick, Massachusetts or anywhere in the region from Boston to Providence or out to Cape Cod, it is important to get a custom moving plan that is designed just for your business. Specialty commercial packing services should be offered, even if you decide to let employees pack up their own offices or work spaces individually. Sensitive equipment, computers, printers and other expensive pieces should all be moved by the professionals and not by your office staff.

Statewide Moving Company provides quality moving with guaranteed pricing to each and every client and we make sure to handle each client’s move according to their unique needs and requirements. We send out a representative to your location to go over your entire moving plan, ask questions about the items that need to be moved and actually look at everything in-person to ensure that we are all on the same page. Never hire a moving company that doesn’t have time to come out to your office, store or warehouse. Chances are high that you will run into problems on moving day.

Help Employees Make the Transition
Check with state and local laws regarding requirements for giving employees advanced notice about the move. If you are moving to another city or out of state, there are definite laws with regard to in-writing notification so your employees can make arrangements to move, adjust their commute or find new employment. You want to make sure that everyone is aware of what is happening and is kept apprised of the time table for the move. Advise them of your plans to work with commercial moving services in Massachusetts and discuss what specialty commercial packing services might be required.

Discuss the best way to make the move with your employees. Decide whether having each team member pack up their own desk, cubicle or office would be in the best interest of the company and the individual, of if having the moving company take care of all those details would be better. Talk about any concerns or worries your staff might have about making the move ahead of time so you can allay their fears or address real issues that could have the potential to actually be a problem. Sometimes your staff will help you realize potential problems that you never even considered.

Call Statewide Moving Company Today
If you are looking to hire the best commercial moving services in Massachusetts for your local, statewide or interstate move, look no further than Statewide Moving Company. Our team will provide you with all of the custom services you need to make a smooth transition. We offer quality moving with guaranteed pricing, specialty commercial packing services and a wealth of knowledge and experience with regard to making commercial moves. Give us a call today at 508-620-6411 and make an appointment to have one of our professional consultants visit your location to provide you with an accurate quote and plan of action for your commercial move.

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