How to Plan a Local Move: Residential Moving in New England

How to Plan a Local Move: Residential Moving in New England

You might think that planning a local move is a lot easier than moving across the country. Unfortunately, you still have to pack and relocate the same number of personal items, furniture, appliances and other belongings. Depending on how you look at it and your approach to residential moving in New England, it might even be more difficult or challenging to move locally than it would be to move to another state. Before you do anything it’s a good idea to have a plan. Whether you decide to use professional Cape Cod moving services or rent a truck and do it yourself, it pays to know what you need to accomplish and the time frame in which you have to do it.

Step One: Give Yourself Some Time
Don’t expect that you can just load up a bunch of Southeastern Massachusetts moving boxes, put them on a truck, get to your destination, and move-in to your new place in a weekend. Moves take lots of planning and preparation. Most people know that they will be moving at least 30-days in advance, which is good, because a smart move will take at least 30-days to properly plan. You need to rent a moving truck or hire a team to provide you with residential moving in New England. Make sure to do that as soon as you find out your available move-in date at the new house or apartment. Give yourself time to pack and prepare or hire professional packers to come in and do it for you. Provide yourself with enough “cushion” time between move-out day at your current location and move-in day at the new one so you won’t feel rushed, pushed or frustrated any more than need be on moving day.

Step Two: Have a Budget
Once you decide how you will be planning a local move and the date on which you will need to move, it’s time to create a budget. Make sure to include all of your packing supplies, including packing tape and enough Southeastern Massachusetts moving boxes to hold all of your stuff. If you will be putting things into storage, make sure to use plastic bins with tight-fitting lids to protect your belongings. Budget for either a truck rental or professional Cape Cod moving services, which you can do by calling to get a FREE quote ahead of time so you will know what to expect. Costs for other extras should also be considered, including fuel for your personal vehicle or the rental truck, fees for turning on utilities at the new place, and incidentals for things you might need, such as boarding for pets, food costs for moving day, and tips for service providers.

Step Three: Solidify Your Plans
Make sure to reserve a truck or hire movers for your residential moving in New England as soon as you can. Put down a deposit and sign any required contracts. If you will be getting a storage space to hold extra or seasonal items, make sure to get that set-up ahead of time as well. Weekends, summer vacation season, and holidays are the busiest times of the year for moving, so if you will be planning a local move during that time, make sure to get reservations and deposits taken care of as early as you are able.

Step Four: Get Organized
Some of the most successful moves involve the use of checklists. Create a checklist for everything that you need to do, from turning off and on the utilities to putting in a change of address. Cancel newspaper deliveries, notify your bank to get new checks printed, and provide your current landlord with your new address so you can get your deposit sent back to you in a timely fashion. You can also go through your home, room by room, tossing out things that are broken or no longer needed, donating things that are in good shape that you don’t want anymore, and deciding which things to pack and which things to store.

Step Five: Learn All You Can About Your New Location
Even when moving to a local area, it pays to take time to learn all you can about your new neighborhood. Find the closest grocery store, gas station, coffee shop, and other services that you like to use on a regular basis. Drive around the area in the weeks before you move so you will feel more comfortable once its time to move-in and get settled.

Call Statewide Moving Services
If you are making plans to do residential moving in New England, you can trust the team at Statewide Moving Services. Whether you are planning a local move or require our Cape Cod moving services to assist you in relocating out-of-state, our team can help you find the solutions that best suit your needs, schedule, and budget. Give us a call at 508-620-6411 to get a FREE estimate on a worry-free moving experience. We can also provide you with top quality Southeastern Massachusetts moving boxes and supplies in a wide range of shapes and sizes or provide you with professional packing services. Call today for a FREE quote on any of our residential moving services.

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