Local Moves in Massachusetts: Things New Homeowners Should Do

Local Moves in Massachusetts: Things New Homeowners Should Do

Buying a new homeAll of the work and time and patience that it takes when purchasing your first brand new home, still doesn’t prepare you for everything you need to do to get moved in and settled once the paperwork is all done. It pays to hire residential moving services in the South Coast area to help you whether you are planning an interstate move or moving to a new home in-state. Cape Cod moving services that specialize in residential and commercial moves out on the Cape should be used for local moves in Massachusetts that are in this area. However, once you’ve got the truck loaded and your stuff on the way, there are still more things that need to be done.

#1 – Change the Locks
Sure you just paid a lot of money to purchase this home from another local homeowner and there was a lot of legal paperwork, but you might be surprised to find out just how many keys are “out there” to your brand new home. Friends, family members and maybe even contractors, could all possibly have a key to your house. It can cost approximately $20-30 for new locks if you install them yourself. You could also consider upgrading your locks to bio-tech identifying or keypad security options and spend a little more, but add instant value to your new home.

#2 – Check the Plumbing
While you very likely already paid a home inspector to check out your home, it pays to have everything checked all over again before your residential moving services show up with your things. Check under all sinks, in showers, tubs and even outdoor hoses, replacing anything that drips or leaks. Check drywall for damage and make replacements right away to prevent mold, mildew and additional damage from forming. The truth is, we often don’t notice the flaws of a new home until it’s ours and we are making payments on it.

#3 – Clean Flooring
While the floors might look great, it’s always a good idea to do a complete clean on all tile, wood and carpet flooring before your Cape Cod moving services show up. Think about all of the people who have been walking in and out of your house, the movers for the old owners, the contractors, the vendors, the inspectors, the real estate agents and the other prospective buyers. A good steam clean of the carpets, a nice professional cleaning of the tile and maybe even some grout cleaning, if necessary, will help you to have a fresh, clean start.

#4 – Clean Cabinets
Chances are that the owner who had the house before you didn’t take time to clean out the cabinets after clearing out their stuff. Make sure to wipe down the inside of cabinets before putting in new shelf liner or unloading your things. If you are planning an interstate move, make sure to give yourself a couple of days to get everything cleaned and in order before your residential moving services arrive with your belongings. For local moves in Massachusetts, see about coming in a day or two early before packing up at your old place and getting everything moved in.

#5 – Find Everything
Make sure you know where the circuit breaker box, main shut off valves for gas and water, as well as other essential things are located within your home. Take time to look at irrigation sprinkler systems, any pool or spa equipment, and of course the HVAC system. If you use any alternative fuels at your new home, such as home heating oil or propane, make sure to check out the locations of everything and contact a professional service to come out and give everything the once-over before you use anything.

#6 – Pest Control
It pays to have your home treated before you move in, just in case you have roommates that you don’t know about. Spiders, cockroaches, bats, mice, rats, ants and even termites should be taken care of before you move in your things. Consider having a full inspection by a reputable pest control company before you schedule the local Cape Cod moving services to come by with your things. Give it about a day or two for the treatment to “work its magic” and schedule a follow-up for “clean up” of anything that might have been affected by the spray. If there are a lot of bodies, consider hiring the pest control company full time following your local moves in Massachusetts.

Trust a Professional for Residential Moving Services
When you buy a brand new home, you are already spending a lot of money to invest in a piece of real estate. While it may seem like the worst time to pay for professional services, it is actually the best time to start things off on the right foot and hire a pro. Professional Cape Cod moving services, either for local moves in Massachusetts or when planning an interstate move, can definitely be used to your advantage. Contact Statewide Moving Company, with locations all throughout eastern Massachusetts from Boston down to the Cape, by calling 508-620-6411. Our team can help you to find the best solutions for your residential moving services and situation.

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