Massachusetts Commercial Moving: Corporate Relocation Services

Massachusetts Commercial Moving: Corporate Relocation Services

commercial moving Framingham MassachusettsWhile we talk a lot about the specialty moving services available for corporate business relocation, we rarely get a chance to talk about the services we offer for employee corporate relocation. Statewide Moving Company offers a wide range of options for commercial moving in Massachusetts and throughout the New England region. We understand that each company’s relocation needs are very unique, and we can assist you and your organization with the planning and logistics required to meet your needs. Our team can work with you to establish a plan that will help you to achieve your goals without ever compromising on quality. We have worked with large corporate organizations as well as smaller entities to ensure that their employees get the Southeastern Massachusetts commercial moving services they need at a guaranteed rate.

Packing, Storage, and Moving

At Statewide Moving Company, we offer a variety of professional services designed to support your plans for employee corporate relocation. Whether you come to us as an individual with a lump sum provided by your employer or as a company seeking to find solutions for your team, we can create a custom plan that will help you achieve your moving goals. From professional packing and unpacking services to safe and secure storage opportunities, we have everything you need to get the job done right. We have worked with corporate relocation managers who do this every day for their staff, as well as HR departments seeking to assist in the moving process. We can walk you through the available services and help you make smart choices to streamline the moving process to create a worry-free moving experience for everyone involved.

So whether you prefer to pack for your move on your own or wish to hire our services to do it for you, Statewide Moving Company can help. We can provide you with professional packing supplies or schedule our team to come to the employee’s home to do the packing and moving for you. Our team is highly trained and experienced in many different types of solutions for commercial moving in Massachusetts. We can move the most delicate and sensitive high-value equipment, as well as pianos, organs, and oversized furniture. Our experience with moving medical and dental offices helps us to provide top-quality moving for residential, commercial, and corporate moving clients. We have moved everything from busy corporate offices to sophisticated radiology departments, so we will be able to provide service options for all of your specialty moving needs.

Storage Opportunities for Corporate Clients

In addition to all of the specialty moving services and professional options for commercial moving in Massachusetts, Statewide Moving Company also has storage space available to help facilitate any type of move. Our secure storage facility is available for both residential and commercial clients to be used between locations or as a solution for temporary, long-term, or complicated moves. If you are in need of Southeastern Massachusetts commercial moving services, make sure to speak with our team about the different ways storage can be used in conjunction with a corporate employee relocation. Our services are designed to include loading items at the current location, moving items into a secure storage facility, and then loading and unloading when delivered to your destination according to your specifications.

At Statewide Moving Company, our storage facility includes advanced features designed to meet or exceed expectations. We offer heated storage space to protect your belongings during cold New England winters and have specialty moving services and storage options for pianos, organs, antiques, and other high-value items. Our secure storage facility has smoke detectors, sprinkler systems, and pest control programs to keep your things safe. We have also added individual alarms on every single unit for better round the clock protection and security. You can rest assured that we go above and beyond to provide secure storage solutions based on our customers’ unique needs. So whether your storage needs are temporary or long-term, you can feel safe knowing that your belongings are properly stored and safeguarded at our Southeastern Massachusetts facility.

Get a FREE Quote for Commercial Moving in Massachusetts

If you are interested in learning more about our specialty moving services or would like to schedule an appointment to obtain a FREE estimate for Southeastern Massachusetts commercial moving and corporate relocation, give us a call at 508-620-6411. We can answer any questions you might have about the options available for commercial moving in Massachusetts or schedule a personal visit for a complete evaluation and comprehensive quote.

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