Massachusetts Specialty Commercial Packing & Moving Services

Massachusetts Specialty Commercial Packing & Moving Services

Specialty Moving Services Medical EquipmentWhy do you need specialty moving services for your business? There are many different types of businesses that rely on professional moving services in Massachusetts to handle specialty commercial packing services and moving logistics. Whether you are adding new equipment, moving unused equipment into storage, or relocating your business in or out of state, you can trust on the reliable commercial moving services at Statewide Moving Company.

We are a trusted team of highly trained and specialized movers who work with moving logistics, warehouse storage, and specialty packing of high value and sensitive equipment for many different industries. We have many years of experience working with medical and laboratory equipment, radiology equipment, computer and telecommunications equipment, office imaging equipment and other types of special handling items. Our offices are located in Southeastern Massachusetts, but we provide our services for local and interstate moving from anywhere in Massachusetts or Rhode Island.

The Statewide Moving Company Difference
When you choose to move your high value or sensitive equipment with Statewide Moving Company, you will notice right away the difference in our specialty moving services. Our team is trained to move items that are over-sized, over-weight and odd-shaped, as well as items that are delicate and sensitive, requiring specific specialty commercial packing services to ensure safety during a move. We have moved everything from commercial restaurant equipment to sensitive radiology imaging equipment, store fixtures and fitness equipment to telecom technologies, servers and more.

We provide our customers with quality moving at guaranteed prices, offering a FREE estimate on all commercial moving services and other types of professional moving services in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Our team of professional movers is highly trained, experienced and knowledgeable about all of the necessary equipment, packing supplies, trucks and warehouse storage options needed to protect your sensitive and high value items during your move. We specialize in medical and dental lab moving. You can trust your specialty moving services to Statewide Moving Company.

Examples of Our Commercial Moving Services
Our team has moved high value and sensitive equipment for offices, medical labs, radiology departments, dentists, doctors offices, telecommunications companies, clinics, hospitals, and retail stores. When you require professional moving services in Massachusetts, you can count on the commercial moving services and specialty commercial packing services available at Statewide Moving Company.

Some of the items that specialty moving teams can move include:

  • medical equipment
  • office imaging equipment
  • laboratory equipment
  • radiology equipment
  • computers and servers
  • data centers
  • high value copy machines and printers
  • heavy equipment
  • large or over-sized equipment
  • fitness equipment
  • commercial kitchen equipment
  • retail store inventory
  • office furniture
  • specialized medical furniture
  • safes and file cabinets
  • trade show sets and equipment

It is important to hire commercial moving services that have experience moving equipment in your line of work. You wouldn’t trust a company that has never moved medical equipment to move all of your high value, sensitive equipment, so it is important to pay just as much attention to computers, servers and office imaging equipment. Statewide Moving Services can take care of all your needs for professional moving services in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. We can take care of all your local and interstate moves from anywhere in the South Coast region.

Sensitive Medical Equipment
Our team specializes in moving sensitive and high value equipment for dental and medical offices, as well as radiology labs and other specialty medical services. Whether you need to move some office equipment from one location to another, or if you need to relocate an entire clinic or hospital full of sensitive equipment, our specialty commercial packing services and specialty moving services can help you achieve your goals. Our team has experience moving ultrasound equipment, anesthesia units, MRI equipment, hospital beds, surgical microscopes, exam tables and much more. Make sure to ask about all of our commercial moving services and specialties when you speak with one of our moving logistics specialists.

Contact Statewide Moving Company by calling 508-620-6411 and speak with one of our friendly agents about scheduling your commercial moving services. Our team will give you a guaranteed quote and provide you with information on all of our packing and specialty moving services available to our commercial clients. We can help with all phases of planning and logistics to help you make your commercial move as smooth and simple as possible.

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