Moving in New England with Kids: 7 Ways to Have a Better Move

Moving in New England with Kids: 7 Ways to Have a Better Move

According to the experts, one of the top ten most stressful things that you can do is move. However, that being said, moving with kids is a whole challenge unto itself! It doesn’t matter if you are moving within the same city or to another state, residential moving in New England with kids is a lot of work. Toddlers have their own challenges, while older kids may have concerns about changing schools, moving away from friends or just going to unfamiliar territory. The more organized that you can be, the easier it will all be on the kids. Working with professional local and interstate moving services can be a big help, but so is having all the supplies you need on hand, from Southeastern Massachusetts moving boxes to professional packing supplies.

Discuss the Move
The first step in having a successful move with kids is to sit down and discuss the move with them on their level. Young children may not understand what “moving” is all about, so it can be helpful to find picture books or stories about other children who have a positive moving experience. School age children will need to be reassured about the changes that will take place, such as making new friends, changing schools or getting a new room. Make sure you allow them to ask questions and participate in the discussion as much as they desire.

Visit the New Home
The next step is to take your kids to see the new home. Before you start purchasing professional packing supplies or having the movers come out to start making plans for local and interstate moving, let your kids see where you are all going. If possible, show them the new school, ask about taking a tour of the classrooms, bring them to local parks, your new church, visit the library – any places that will make your children understand that the new place will have all the things they loved about their current home, just in a new and different location.

Pack as Early as Possible
While many people who hire Statewide Moving Company for residential moving in New England appreciate the full service packing, you might want to at least let the kids help pack up their own toys, off-season clothing and other things in advance. Show them how you label each box according to the room and even let them write their own name on the boxes so they know that their things are inside. The packing process can be therapeutic for some kids and will help them see that nothing is being left behind.

Create a Moving Day Box
Make a special box for the whole family that includes everything you will need for your first day at the new house. Local and interstate moving adventures will both benefit from this exercise. Include sheets for every bed, PJs, toothbrushes, toothpaste, favorite cups for drinking water, stuffed animals or toys, as well as snacks, breakfast items, the coffee pot, coffee and creamer, coffee filters and cups. Any other nighttime and morning time routine items should also be included, such as a storybook or DVD.

Get a Babysitter
Depending on the age and emotional state of your children, you may want to get a babysitter. A grandparent, friend or other relative that your child feels safe with and is familiar with visiting is a great choice. While the moving company is loading up all the Southeastern Massachusetts moving boxes and is taking care of your residential moving in New England, your child can have a play date with friends or cousins, hopefully distracting them from the process.

Driving to the New House
Your best bet is to visit the old house so the child can see that all of your belongings have been taken out and are on the truck to go to the new house. Leave from the driveway as you have many times before and start driving to the new location. Remind the child of all the things they saw on the drive to the new house when you visited it a few weeks ago. Help them see the connection between the old location and the new one.

Get the Kids to Help Unpack
Once again, you can have our team of highly trained movers take care of the packing and unpacking for you, but it may be helpful to have kids unpack the boxes that they packed themselves. Seeing the box with their name on it and then removing all of the professional packing supplies and objects from inside will help them see the move full circle. Let them settle in to their new room, put toys where they belong and make their own bed. They will enjoy seeing their things in the new place and will feel as though they are a part of the process.

Call Statewide Moving Company
If you are planning local and interstate moving in the New England area, contact Statewide Moving Company. We can provide you with all of the professional packing supplies and services you require to make your residential or commercial move complete. Give us a call at 508-620-6411 and get a FREE estimate on your next move. Have a worry-free experience when you plan your residential moving in New England with Statewide Moving Company!

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