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Whether you are planning a local move or planning an interstate move, it is important to reserve moving services in advance, put in a change of address, transfer records and contact utility companies to ensure that your move goes smoothly. Statewide Moving Company in Massachusetts has provided an eight week guide to the tasks that should be done prior to your move. Take a look at our checklist below to ensure that you don’t forget anything important to your residential move.

8 Weeks Prior to the Move:

  • If you have children, arrange to transfer school records to the new location
  • Contact your insurance company to notify them of your move even if you are just planning a local move
  • Create a “move file” or folder to keep all papers, receipts, estimates and contracts related to your residential move

6 Weeks Prior to the Move:

  • Reserve moving services with Statewide Moving Company in Massachusetts
  • If planning an interstate move or move out of the area, make sure to get records and referrals for legal, medical, dental and other personal providers
  • If you have pets, schedule a veterinary check-up and get all records to bring with you to the new location
  • Contact landlords or real estate agents, as necessary, to set your moving schedule

4 Weeks Prior to the Move:

  • Contact utility companies to schedule disconnect and connection dates for electric, gas, cable, satellite, phone and any other essential services
  • Speak with your moving company in Massachusetts about getting packing supplies or reserve moving services to come in and pack your things for you
  • Check landscaping equipment, such as lawnmowers, weed trimmers and snow blowers, and drain them of oil and gasoline; these items cannot be moved by moving services if they are full of hazardous materials
  • Cancel your newspaper and trash services, if applicable
  • Notify your landlord of your intent to move and make sure to reserve the elevator for moving day if you are in a high-rise building

2 Weeks Prior to the Move:

  • Begin to pack items that you won’t need until you are moved into your new location
  • Sort out the things you don’t want to move and either donate, store or toss them
  • Begin making plans for how you will arrange your furniture at the new location and make a list of things you will need to buy to facilitate your move

Days Prior to the Move:

  • Submit change of address cards to the local Post Office – you can CLICK HERE to change your address online
  • Make sure to pack luggage or any special boxes that you want to keep with you during your move

Moving Day:

  • Relax and enjoy the day knowing that you prepared everything in advance and trust that Statewide Moving Company in Massachusetts will take care of everything else!

We look forward to making your local or interstate move as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. If you would like to reserve moving services or need help in creating a strategy for planning a local move or planning an interstate move, contact Statewide Moving Company (Framingham, Natick, West Yarmouth and West Bridgewater) by calling 508-620-6411.

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