Moving Services in Massachusetts: Reasons Why Businesses Move

Moving Services in Massachusetts: Reasons Why Businesses Move

Commercial Business Moving Services in MassachusettsAre you thinking about moving your company offices? Have you started checking out other properties for your retail store? Do you dream about moving your business to a brand new city or state? There are many reasons why businesses begin to look at relocation. Whatever your motivation, once you decide to make a move, make sure to hire commercial moving services that have experience working with your type of industry. From professional packing supplies to even specialty moving services for high value or sensitive equipment, Statewide Moving Company has all of the quality moving services in Massachusetts that you need to help you achieve your goals.

Reason #1 – Not Enough Space
There might have been plenty of room when you first launched your business, but now you find yourself looking for extra storage space to accommodate all of your office supplies, holiday decorations, promotional items, extra furniture and seasonal stock. Or, maybe your business started off with two workstations and a conference room, but now you have a bunch of new employees and sometimes need two conference rooms to meet with clients. Congratulations! It’s time to start working with commercial moving services to get your business into a space that is more appropriate for your needs. Save money by purchasing professional packing supplies to pack up your assets in-house, and then hiring moving services in Massachusetts to do the heavy lifting and driving.

Reason #2 – Bad Location
There are just some situations that turn out to be bad for business. An office that is difficult to find – even with GPS – or an address that regularly gets mixed up with a completely different type of business can be frustrating beyond belief. Not only is it irritating, but it can be detrimental to your business. Other problems can include a leased space that is literally falling apart, despite repeated phone calls to the property owner or maintenance crew. Electrical issues, problems with temperature control on the HVAC, and issues with Wi-Fi signals can wreak havoc on just about any type of business. Start shopping around for new locations that satisfy your wish list and then do a little bit of checking to make sure that all of the issues would be solved with the move. Specialty moving services can handle high value or sensitive items that need to be relocated, including medical equipment, computers, servers, manufacturing equipment and much more.

Reason #3 – Consolidation or Downsizing
Not all moves are due to the growing success of a business. If you have downsized and are looking to consolidate your business into a smaller location, then a move may be in the cards for you. Smaller properties cost less to lease and are cheaper to provide utilities for, including lighting, heating and cooling, depending on the season. Find other ways to save money, such as using voice over internet protocol (VoIP) telephone systems, purchase professional packing supplies to pack-up desks and files yourself, and choose a location that includes certain amenities and options in the monthly fee. You can even move some of your excess furniture and other items into storage via moving services in Massachusetts if you aren’t ready to sell things off just yet.

Reason #4 – Bad Neighborhood
If a crime wave has hit the neighborhood where your business is located, you might need to start looking at a relocation before it gets worse. Commercial moving services can help you “get away” from it all and whisk your business to a new location that is free of break-ins, vandalism, and other issues commonly found in bad or worsening neighborhoods. Don’t just sit there and take it. Not only does it put your assets at-risk, but it also puts employees, customers and clients at-risk and could negatively impact your business.

Reason #5 – End of Lease
In some cases, the end of a lease can be a signal to start looking around to see if the grass just might be greener somewhere else. In other cases, the property owner is exercising his or her right to not renew a lease agreement due to a change in direction for the property. Either way, the end of a lease is often the catalyst that gets people moving to new locations. Take this time to look at the space and consider whether any of the other reasons above might become a factor within the next lease period.

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