Natick Residential Moving Services: Quality Packing Supplies

Natick Residential Moving Services: Quality Packing Supplies

residential moving services in NatickFiguring out how to pack up everything you own so you can move it all to a new location can be overwhelming – especially if you have been at the same place for many years. Humans tend to collect things, and when it comes time to relocate, we all too often discover that we’ve stored much more than we realized. No matter how much stuff you need to move, it pays to have professional packing supplies to protect the things you do want to keep during the relocation. Finding used boxes via social media, reusing shipping boxes from Amazon, or buying flimsy boxes at the local home improvement store just won’t cut it for packing most household items. You want to make sure that the box stays in one piece and protects the things inside without breaking, tearing apart, or getting crushed.

Quality moving with guaranteed pricing can also give you peace of mind when planning a local move. Residential moving protection is provided for customers of Statewide Moving Company for all of our Greater Natick residential moving services. This protection can be upgraded by purchasing a more extensive policy when you place your order, but we make sure that every customer at least gets the basic coverage no matter how much they spend. We also offer a wide range of professional packing supplies and packing services to help you expedite your move and protect your belongings during your move. Our many years of experience working in the Southeastern Massachusetts and Greater New England area can work to your advantage when we help you plan your move.

Boxes and Packing Tape

There are many different types of boxes in the world, and not all of them are well-suited for moving. This is why it is essential to obtain professional packing supplies from a trusted provider like Statewide Moving Company. We carry a wide range of boxes and packing tape, designed to help our customers secure their belongings and protect them during a move. We carry small, medium, and large packing boxes on our website, which also features a list of recommended items that should be packed in each size and type of box. Our many years of experience can help you to safely and effectively pack your belongings to reduce the risk of damage during the move. If you hire our team of professional packers to come and take care of this service for you, we will use our high-quality boxes and packing tape.

Other boxes that we can sell through Statewide Moving Company include a dish box, which is ideal for fragile items like dishes, glasses, and china pieces, and a wardrobe box, which features a hanging rod for transporting clothes on hangers to prevent wrinkling during a move. Picture and mirror cartons are also available to protect your flat decorative items, and special file storage boxes can be purchased for essential documents, including a standard Banker’s tote, letter tote, and legal tote. Bags are available for mattress and box springs in multiple sizes to protect your bedding during a move. We sell two types of packing tape, including clear or tan, to help our customers assemble their boxes and pack their belongings safely and effectively.

Extra Packing Supplies

In addition to boxes and bags, including specialty options, there are extra packing supplies that can be purchased to further safeguard your belongings. Packing paper is available in a 10-pound or 25-pound bundle for small and large moves. Bubble wrap is available in a 100-foot roll, and stretch wrap, which is excellent for protecting furniture during a move, can be purchased in a large roll. If there are other supplies that you need for your move, including specialty items, make sure to contact our team. We work with many industry suppliers and have even provided custom services for our commercial clients. Our logistics team can help you find the packaging supplies you need to protect your belongings during your Greater Natick residential moving services.

Quality Moving with Guaranteed Prices

One of the reasons why moving can be so stressful is because there are so many things that must be done in a short amount of time. At Statewide Moving Company, we go above and beyond to provide our customers with the services, professional packing supplies, and residential moving protection they need to plan a successful move. Quality moving with guaranteed pricing is how we achieve our goal of delivering a worry-free moving experience to every customer we serve. No one wants a financial surprise on moving day, so we do everything we can to correctly estimate and price the services you need to get the job done right. To get a FREE estimate for your Southeastern Massachusetts moving experience, contact our team at 508-620-6411.

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