Natick Residential Moving Services: Tips for Moving with Kids

Natick Residential Moving Services: Tips for Moving with Kids

Natick Residential Moving ServicesWhat could be more stressful than residential moving in New England? Trying to move when you have small children at home! Seeing all of their belongings and the household items packed up to move to a new location can be traumatic for many kids, so it pays to have a strategy. Choosing to work with a professional moving company in Natick, Massachusetts can help. It gives you the chance to organize everything ahead of time, but then let our crew do the packing and heavy lifting for you so you can spend time with your little ones. Local and interstate moving are very similar. Either way, you still have to pack everything up, load it in a truck, and move from point A to point B. Statewide Moving Company can help make the whole process a lot easier – give us a call!

Tip #1 – Let Kids Pack a Box

One way to help children deal with the idea of moving is to let them pack a little box. Whether you have our crew take care of the packing for you as part of residential moving in New England or if you just have us take care of the move, packing a box can be symbolic to a child. It helps them see that everything is coming along with them, nothing is being left behind, and that life won’t really change all that much at the new house. Stick with your same routine, try to keep things as “normal” as possible, and let kids participate in a way that is age appropriate.

Tip #2 – The “Open First” Box

Another way to help kids adjust to a move – and make the move easier for you as well – is to pack an “open first” box. Packing these items in a clear bin is important so your kids can see what’s inside. This box will come with you in the car on the way to the new house. Put everything you will need in there for your first day. A favorite toy, kid snacks, juice boxes, water bottles, crayons and a coloring book. A couple of bedtime stories, PJs, a stuffed animal, and bedding can also be packed into an “open first box” for safe keeping. You should also put in must-have household items, including paper plates, plastic utensils, snacks, coffee (and the coffee pot or Keurig), cups, paper towels, toilet paper, wet naps, and hand soap. Depending on the size of your household, a kids-only “open first” box, bedding “open first” box, and household items “open first” box might be in order.

Tip #3 – Art Projects

Another way to engage kids while moving is to allow them to decorate their own moving boxes. Make sure to mark the child’s name on each box in thick permanent ink first and then let them make pictures to their heart’s content. You can get all the packing supplies you need through our residential moving services for local and interstate moving. We have boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, and other specialty items that you can use for residential moving in New England and beyond. Another way to re-use the boxes is to allow your kids to make a box fort at the new house after everything is unpacked. All of these activities are designed to help kids see moving as a positive experience instead of a negative situation.

Tip #4 – Remembering the Old & Celebrating the New

Take some time about a month before you move to create a scrapbook that each child can look at to remember the old neighborhood. Ask their friends and neighbors to sign it. If you are moving out of the school district, bring it to school and ask teachers and classmates to sign. Add photos, movie ticket stubs, event programs, school ID, and anything else that fits. Before your move, start researching new things that you can do with your kids at the new house. Zoos, parks, movie theaters, sports centers, aquariums – anything they might be interested in doing. Request brochures or print out information to get everyone excited about moving to the new location.

Tip #5 – Make Moving Easy

The best tip for any residential moving in New England is to contact Statewide Moving Company and let us handle it for you. Our team of highly trained, experienced, and friendly movers will come to your home and provide you with a worry-free estimate and moving plan. You can have us pack everything for you or provide you with quality moving supplies to protect your belongings. We handle local and interstate moving for both commercial and residential moving services. Whatever you need and wherever you are going, Statewide Moving Company can help you get there.

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With several locations throughout Southeastern Massachusetts, Statewide Moving Company can be ready and available for your moving day. As a moving company in Natick, Massachusetts, we know what it takes to get an entire household packed up and moved – rain or shine. Give us a call at 508-620-6411 and speak with our team about your needs for residential moving services.

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