Office or Store Relocation: Commercial Moving in Yarmouth, MA

Office or Store Relocation: Commercial Moving in Yarmouth, MA

Commercial Moving in Yarmouth, MAWhether your business is growing or downsizing, moving is never a “fun” thing to do. This is especially true when it comes to relocating a business. There are so many things that need to be done, so many changes that must be scheduled correctly to avoid any loss of business or downtime. Service-oriented businesses have it a little bit easier than consumer-based retail shops, but not much. Without the assistance of professional movers in Yarmouth, MA to provide you with quality moving services, the whole situation might be overwhelming.

Our commercial moving services in Massachusetts can help you control the chaos and focus on the most critical aspects of your move. When you hire Statewide Moving Company to take care of your needs, you can rest assured that we will do all of the packing, loading, transporting, unloading, and unpacking. We are trained and experienced in high-value, over-sized, and specialty moves. Our team has moved medical clinics, dental practices, radiology labs, and legal offices right here in Southeastern Massachusetts, and we can help you too.

Tell Your Employees First

Don’t let your staff find out about the move on the news, in the paper, or on the day that you put up a “We’re Moving!” sign on the front window. Have a staff meeting and let your team know what your plans are for the move. If you are staying in the local area, it should not be a problem for most of your employees to adjust. However, if you are moving to an entirely different neighborhood where public transportation does not reach, it could cause some issues. Relocating to another city, county, or state will also present problems for many employees, so provide as much notice as possible.

Advise Customers in Advance

If you have a lot of loyal customers who come into your office or establishment on a regular basis, give them a heads up. It is a good idea to start advertising a move about a month in advance. Use printed materials, such as flyers, in-store signs, and post announcements on your website and social media accounts. Hand out mini-flyers to customers with their receipts, providing information about the new location and the date of your move. This will give them a chance to find the new store and adjust their schedule to continue working with your business. You might lose some customers who walk to your location because they work or live nearby, but many will follow you if you provide notice.

Create a Moving Checklist

There will be lots of things that have to be done. If your business is an office setting, you might ask your employees to start packing up their own things to get ready for Southeastern Massachusetts commercial moving services to arrive. Personal items from desks, cubicles, and workstations should be either packed up or moved individually by each employee. You will also want to create a to-do list for yourself, outlining all of the dates that things need to be completed. Setting up new utilities, changing addresses, contacting vendors, getting phones and internet turned on, relocating your IT department and computers – depending on the work that you do, there might be a lot more details to sort out before a move.

Contact Quality Moving Services

As soon as you have an idea of when and where you are moving, contact a service provider for commercial moving in Massachusetts. At Statewide Moving Company, we offer professional movers in Yarmouth, MA and the surrounding area for commercial and residential clients. We can provide complete packing and moving services or simply move your items after you pack them yourself. Our team will come to your business to go over your needs with you and provide you with a comprehensive estimate for our services. If you have any high-value or specialty items, make sure to discuss them with our moving coordinator at this time.

Our mission is to help you make a seamless move, reduce downtime, and ensure that you are back in business as soon as possible. To start planning your Southeastern Massachusetts commercial moving experience, just give us a call at 508-620-6411. We are proud to offer top quality moving services to our clients, serving the local areas of Framingham, Natick, West Yarmouth, and West Bridgewater, as well as the surrounding cities and communities. Call today to get a FREE estimate for our services or to learn more about options for commercial moving in Massachusetts.

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