Office Packing Tips for Commercial Moving in Massachusetts

Office Packing Tips for Commercial Moving in Massachusetts

office-packing-tipsMoving a business from one location to another can be frustrating and stressful. However, if you work with commercial moving services that specialize in local and interstate moving for business, things can get a lot easier. The logistics behind commercial moving in Massachusetts is to have a coordinated effort between employees who pack up cubicles, offices and work spaces, commercial packing services that take care of the packing and moving of computers, peripherals and other important equipment, as well as movers who come on moving day to do all the heavy lifting. Whether you are moving your business down the street, across town or to another state, you can count on Statewide Moving Company to take care of everything and simplify your move.

Getting Started: Cleaning Up the Office
Once everything is arranged with the company that will be taking care of your commercial moving in Massachusetts, the new location, vendors, utilities and other details, it is time to focus on packing up your office and preparing to move it on your scheduled moving day. Depending on the type of business that you run, whether it is a service oriented business or a retail sales type of business, you may have more things to move besides office furniture and computers. Take a look at some of the packing tips listed below. Even if you will have commercial packing services through the local and interstate moving company taking care of the expensive equipment and computers, there are still lots of things that need to get packed and prepared.

The first thing you will want to do is to go through your office and back room to determine what you want to move, what can be tossed out, sold or donated that you don’t use any more, and what you want to put into storage. Many commercial moving services will also offer storage services, which can be a huge asset for commercial moves, especially if there is a lot of stock or seasonal furniture and displays that need to be relocated. Moving is a great time to purge things that you no longer use any more, such as old and outdated equipment, broken appliances from the break room and furniture that got shuffled to the back room to make space for something else.

Packing Your Stuff: Start Early
Again, even if you will have the commercial moving services take care of the bulk of your commercial packing services on moving day, you can start to pack up some things early. Begin by packing the things that you won’t be using between now and the actual schedule moving date. Move any extra stock items of products and things that you won’t need at this time. If you have a lot of hard copy files that you save as backup records for client files, patient files or credit accounts, make sure to secure those and prepare them for moving ahead of time. The more time you give yourself to get organized and take care of these details early on, the smoother your entire move will be.

Clearly label all of your boxes. Not only will this help you to find the things you need as you get settled into the new property, but it will also help the local and interstate moving company load and unpack your boxes where you need them to be on moving day. Movers will often pack their trucks strategically so they can keep track of all boxes and items. This helps them to unpack and set up any equipment or furniture to the correct places at the new location without wasting a lot of time trying to figure out what goes where. Speak with the representative from the commercial moving services to find out if they have any box marking preferences if you will be packing your own things or packing some items yourself.

Packing Computers: Hire a Pro
If your office has a lot of computers and electronics, it is important to do everything you can to keep them safe during the move. Some companies rely on their Information Technology (IT) department to take care of packing, moving, unpacking and setting up for them, while others prefer to rely on the professional skills of the company providing their commercial moving in Massachusetts. Either way, make sure that everything is properly packed, wrapped and marked for easy connections and reassembly at the new office space.

Contact Statewide Moving Company for Commercial Moving
If you are planning local and interstate moving for your commercial business, contact the qualified team of commercial moving services at Statewide Moving Company. We can help you with business moving logistics, commercial packing services and assist with the moving of specialty items, such as high value equipment for medical and dental offices, computers and servers for business and much more. Give us a call at 508-620-6411 and get a FREE and reliable quote on any of our services for residential or commercial moving in Massachusetts.

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