Packing Techniques for Interstate Home Moving in New England

Packing Techniques for Interstate Home Moving in New England

When you are planning a local move, whether you are staying in the New England region or moving across the country, it is important to learn all you can about hiring moving services in Massachusetts and how to properly pack up your belongings. Proper packing techniques can mean the difference between arriving at your local and interstate moving destination with all of your dishes and glasses in one piece or having a box full of broken items. If you aren’t confident in your packing skills or simply don’t have time to do it, make sure to ask Statewide Moving Company about hiring professional packers to take care of it for you.

Choose the Right Packing Supplies
One of the most important steps in proper packing for an interstate move is to get the right packing supplies. Don’t purchase “used boxes” from Craigslist or eBay. You don’t want to re-use boxes that someone else has already used for a couple of reasons. First, the integrity of the boxes can be questionable. Assembling, taping, marking, and using boxes creates wear and tear on the cardboard, which could result in your box opening up during the process of residential moving in New England, causing your belongings to spill out in the truck. You can also inherit things like insects, dust, dirt, allergens, and other items that you don’t want when you get “used boxes” from someone else.

Purchase your boxes directly from Statewide Moving Company to ensure that you have brand new, top quality products that will help you to safely move all of your belongings from point A to point B. Even if you are just moving across town, it pays to have quality boxes, tape, and other moving items to help protect your things.

Some of the other items that you will want to improve your packing abilities include:

  • high quality moving or packing tape
  • large permanent marker for better organization
  • tissue paper or packing paper
  • bubble wrap or packing peanuts
  • specialty boxes for dishes, glasses and other fragile items

Pack for a Thousand-Mile Journey
Even if your items will only be moved a couple of miles into Rhode Island or up to Connecticut, make sure to still pack, stack and load your items as though they were going for a thousand-mile journey. Use proper packing techniques, wrapping fragile items in tissue or packing paper, using bubble wrap or packing peanuts for extra cushioning, and using the right type and size of a box for each item. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that dish towels will protect your favorite vase as you move from state to state, or that bathroom linens will keep your bedroom lamp intact.

Again, if you aren’t sure how to pack something or if you don’t want to chance your packing skills for the move, consider hiring professional packers as part of your residential moving in New England. If you are planning a local move and are hiring professional movers, adding on professional packing services won’t cost much more and, in some cases, is the best way to fully insure everything you own for the move. Work with reputable moving services in Massachusetts and the surrounding area and leave nothing to chance.

Some items that may require special attention include:

  • large, flat screen televisions – especially if you don’t have the original box
  • mirrors and wall art
  • valuable china, vases, knick knacks, and other collectibles
  • small appliances and other kitchen items
  • oversized furniture
  • computers and other technology items

Trust Statewide Moving Company
If you are planning a local move or need to relocate out of the northeastern region, you can count on the team at Statewide Moving Company to help you achieve your goals. Commercial and residential moving in New England is our specialty, whether you are moving across town or across several states. Speak with your representative about other options and opportunities that you can use to your advantage for local and interstate moving. Give us a call at 508-620-6411 to get a FREE quote for our services and to have a worry-free experience at Statewide Moving company.

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