Plan an Interstate Move: Quality Moving, Guaranteed Pricing

Plan an Interstate Move: Quality Moving, Guaranteed Pricing

interstate-move-tipsWhen it comes time for planning an interstate move, it is important to know what you are getting and get an accurate quote that you can count on. There are a lot of moving companies that promise some type of price guarantee or offer residential moving protection, but what are you really getting? When you work with Statewide Moving Company in Natick, Massachusetts, you get quality moving with guaranteed pricing. In fact, the only way that the price quoted for your move will be different is if it is lower than the estimated price. That’s right – if it takes less time and costs less to do your move, Statewide Moving Company will give the customer the difference.

Moving to Another State
It’s hard enough to move from one city to another, but when you cross state lines and do an interstate move, things can get complicated. Knowing what you can bring from one state to another can be a challenge, but when you work with a professional moving company, all of that changes. Hiring a group of highly trained, experienced and licensed movers means that you gain all of the knowledge and insight from the crew and can apply it to your move to make it even more successful. This can be extremely helpful, especially if the new state you are moving to has strict laws about what you can and cannot bring into the state.

Whether you are moving from one house to another, or from an apartment to a condo, Statewide Moving Company has got you covered. We will come out to your current location and do an assessment of the things that you have that need to be moved. We will provide you with an accurate quote and offer you information on residential moving protection and other extras that might make your move even easier – such as professional packing services. We give you all of these options up front so you won’t be surprised on moving day with extra charges or a lack of services that you assumed would be included.

How to Reduce Moving Costs
Moving on a budget can be difficult, but it is important to know which parts of your move should be handled by professionals, and which parts you can handle on your own to save money. If you are moving from a multi-floor building or into a multi-floor building, think about how you are going to get your couch up to the penthouse suite or down from the fifth floor. Are there elevators? Will there be room to move all of your things? Where will the moving truck park in the city? Do you need a permit? These are all of the things that Statewide Moving Company can take care of for you so you don’t need to complicate your move.

You can cut costs by doing the pre-move labor yourself. You can purchase boxes and packing supplies direct from Statewide Moving Company or you can get them somewhere else yourself as well. You can pack the boxes on your own or you can bring in our packers just to pack up the delicate, breakable and odd-shaped items from your home. When planning an interstate move, you will need to pack your things a lot more securely than you would if you were just moving down the street. Packing for interstate travel on highways and other bumpy, busy roads means thinking about how things will be put together, stacked in the truck and protected during the move.

Other ways to save when making a residential move include:

  • Go through your things before you move – tossing out things you no longer need, donating things you no longer want or storing things you aren’t using right now until after you move and get settled. Ask Statewide Moving Company about storage!
  • Use all the food in your fridge and freezer. Frozen and refrigerated foods cannot be shipped by the moving company in Natick, Massachusetts to another state. Start eating up all the food 30-60 days prior to your move and consider doing the same with canned goods to reduce the amount of things you need to move on moving day.
  • Downsize some of the things that you have – especially if you are moving from a large home into a smaller place. Home repair tools that you won’t use, that large treadmill that you never used, gardening things if there’s no backyard, etc. It’s time to be realistic if you won’t have enough space at the new place for everything anyway.
  • Think about pianos, pool tables and other large items that will require special handling by the movers. Ask how much it costs to move and what residential moving protection will cost for these items and then consider whether you really want to bring them with you or not.

When you contact Statewide Moving Company to help you with planning an interstate move, make sure to ask questions and inquire about the different ways that you can save money on your move. Working with a team of professional movers can make your interstate move a lot easier, especially when you choose a company that prides itself on providing quality moving with guaranteed pricing. Call Statewide Moving Company today for an estimate on your next local or interstate move at 508-620-6411.

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