Planning a Commercial Move? Hire Our Framingham Moving Company

Planning a Commercial Move? Hire Our Framingham Moving Company

Framingham Commercial MoversA lot of logistics go into the planning of an office or business relocation. It requires not just manpower and equipment, but also a careful strategy to reduce downtime and ensure a smooth transition. This is why commercial businesses need to find a moving company in Massachusetts that they can trust to take care of all the details. Our Framingham commercial moving company has many years of experience working throughout New England for both commercial and residential clients. We have provided our services for jobs of all sizes, including small “mom and pop” businesses and large-scale corporations.

Our team is highly trained and experienced in the use of packing supplies and moving equipment to ensure the safe transport of your high-value items, over-size furniture and appliances, delicate electronics, and even sensitive medical, laboratory or dental equipment. Whatever you need, our Southeastern Massachusetts commercial moving team can help you to achieve your goal. We start by visiting your business so we can provide you with a comprehensive estimate for our services. We review everything that needs to be moved so we will come prepared with all of the equipment and manpower required without delay.

Other Advantages of Hiring Professionals

In addition to the logistical planning and handling of your assets, there are many other advantages associated with hiring a team of professionals. We have successfully relocated hundreds of small and large businesses across the state and all over the region. When you hire Statewide Moving Company to help you with your office or business relocation, it can take a lot of stress, pressure, and worry off your shoulders. Each business has its own unique set of concerns when a move like this needs to happen, whether you are moving to a larger space, downsizing to save money, or relocating to improve your market reach. We work with you to discover the challenges and provide solutions to overcome them safely and effectively to best meet your needs.

  • Computers & Electronics – Does your company have a lot of sensitive or high-value computers, servers, and other electronics? Our team is highly trained to take care of this type of move. We can work with your IT department to efficiently pack and load your computers, fax machines, laptops, printers, and other essential office equipment in a safe and professional manner.
  • Heavy Furniture – Large bookshelves, over-size sofas, desks, and modular furniture are things that we deal with all the time. Our team can even break down modular furniture and put it back together again at the new location according to your specifications. We have special equipment that can help us to easily lift and move these items.
  • Unusual Layout – Offices that have long, narrow hallways, stairwells, small elevators, tight corners, and other structural challenges will benefit greatly from working with our Framingham commercial moving company. We are familiar with all of these layout issues and will find an effective solution to properly move your items without causing any physical damage to the property or your assets.
  • Medical & Dental Offices – Statewide Moving Company has a lot of experience working with medical and dental practices, clinics, laboratories, and even radiology departments. We can move your high-value, sensitive equipment safely and effectively. Contact our Southeastern Massachusetts commercial moving company for details on specialty moving services.

Specialized Equipment & Training

Planning a commercial move has many more “working parts” than the average residential relocation. Due to all of the heavy furniture, electronic equipment, and stock that will often need to be moved, it can require specialty equipment to get the job done right. Also, you want to hire a Framingham commercial moving company that has experience working with commercial accounts. Many companies will say that they can handle this type of work, but they just don’t have the equipment to handle all of the specialty items required for a successful move.

Some companies make the mistake of thinking that because they have a company truck and a lot of employees, that they can do the move themselves. That can be very costly, not just in potential worker’s compensation claims due to injuries from moving heavy or bulky items, but also due to the damage that could occur to your assets. Regular employees who have not been trained by a moving company in Massachusetts don’t have the knowledge or experience required for this type of work. Even if they work in a warehouse and regularly move around goods and products, that doesn’t mean they can handle sensitive or high-value equipment from the office.

Get a FREE Quote from Statewide Moving Company

If you are planning a commercial move, contact our Southeastern Massachusetts commercial moving company to get a FREE quote for our services. This will help you to properly handle a move of this size and provide you with a worry-free moving experience. Our team can answer any questions that you might have and provide you with solutions that will help you to achieve your goals. We can even provide you with commercial grade packing supplies for the items that you want to pack up and move on your own. Call today at 508-620-6411 and speak with one of our representatives about hiring our moving company in Massachusetts for your commercial move.

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