Planning a Commercial Move: Relocate Business in Massachusetts

Planning a Commercial Move: Relocate Business in Massachusetts

commercial moving services in framinghamThere are lots of positive reasons to make a commercial move. Business is booming: time to get a bigger place. Sales and growing: you need a new warehouse. Your target demographic has shifted: upgrade to a new location. Whatever your reasons for planning a commercial move, our Framingham commercial moving company can help you to achieve your goals. We have many years of experience working with clients to relocate business in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and throughout the Greater New England region. We have worked with medical clients to relocate entire laboratories and move radiology equipment in Massachusetts and have lots of experience moving sensitive equipment for dental practices, medical offices, clinics, hospitals, and surgical centers.

We also have experience working with many different types of offices, including legal, marketing, retail sales, restaurants, coffee shops, catering companies, computer programming organizations, service-oriented businesses, technology companies, and just about any industry that exists. If you are planning a commercial move and are feeling overwhelmed, you can count on Statewide Moving Company to provide you with a worry-free moving experience. Our goal is to take the stress out of moving, offer solutions that meet or exceed your expectations, and ensure peace of mind throughout the entire relocation process. So whether you need to transport sensitive files and computer systems or move radiology equipment in Massachusett as part of your commercial move, you can rest assured that our team will get everything from point A to point B safely and securely.

Overcoming Obstacles is Our Middle Name

Commercial moving is much different than residential moving services. The obstacles that business clients have to overcome can be very extreme, depending on the situation. Moving from a multi-story building without the benefit of an elevator can be a very daunting task. Relocating a large amount of stock and goods from the back of house without a freight area can also be intimidating for anyone who has not had experience to relocate business in Massachusetts. However, our team of moving technicians is trained and very knowledgeable about what needs to be done when planning a commercial move. Modular furniture sets, high-value equipment, sensitive files and servers, as well as over-size machinery that can be difficult to navigate, can all be taken care of by our team.

We start each project by visiting your office or facility to determine your needs. Our Framingham commercial moving company works with each client to create a custom moving strategy that is designed to include logistics for any situation that might arise. Narrow hallways, tight corners, government-regulated data, and other common concerns can all be discussed with our team to find the best possible solution. Our mission is to create a worry-free moving experience for every client we serve. This helps not only to streamline the moving process and make it more effective and efficient across the board, but also to create happy clients who only have to worry about notifying customers, vendors and clients about their impending move and take care of details, such as changing utilities, scheduling fit-out work at the new location, and hiring clean-up crews for the current facility.

Comprehensive Moving Services

When you relocate a business in Massachusetts, you might want an a la carte service that allows you to pack up your things and then have our crew move them for you. However, you might also want our Framingham commercial moving company to take care of all the packing to ensure that your high-value, sensitive items are properly protected. You might not have to move radiology equipment in Massachusetts, but that doesn’t mean that your computer workstations and peripherals are not just as vital to the ongoing success of your business. Each industry has it’s own unique set of needs and requirements, so our team is ready to adapt to meet your expectations and exceed them whenever possible. So whether you need complete packing and moving services or need someone to do the heavy lifting, you can count on Statewide Moving Company.

We work with each client to develop a strategy and provide an estimate for planning a commercial move. Whether you require specialty moving services, packing, or have other unique requirements, we will do our best to accommodate you with our available professional services. Statewide Moving Company can even assist with secure storage opportunities to help facilitate local, interstate, and regional relocations. We offer each client a price estimate to help them estimate their moving costs upfront. We are proud to provide top quality moving services for a worry-free moving experience to ensure absolute satisfaction from every client we serve. We offer competitive rates and professional services designed to meet or exceed expectations. To learn more about Statewide Moving Company or to get a FREE estimate for our services, give us a call at 508-620-6411.

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