Planning a Local Move in New England During the Winter Months

Planning a Local Move in New England During the Winter Months

Winter Moving in New EnglandIdeally we would only have to move on beautiful spring days with mild temperatures and not a cloud in the sky. Unfortunately, that’s not how life works. Even if you plan a move for a time of year that typically has milder temperatures, Mother Nature can have other plans. Local and interstate moving can be complicated, but combine that with the first unexpected snow storm of the season and you might be going nowhere. It pays to trust your residential moving in New England to a reputable and experienced moving company that provides quality moving with guaranteed pricing. If you are planning a local move, you can count on the team at Statewide Moving Company to get it done right.

Planning a Winter Move
Weather patterns can change on a moment’s notice, so if you are planning a move in the Greater Massachusetts area, it is important to work with a team that can take care of business even when the snow really starts coming down. Rather than try to do it yourself, attempting to handle a large rental truck on your own in the snow and ice, or move boxes and furniture in freezing temperatures, it is in your best interest to hire professional residential moving in New England. There’s no reason to put yourself – or your stuff – at risk for a winter move.

There are lots of different moving companies in the local area that can help you with planning a local move in the winter. However, not all of them have the knowledge and experience that will help to protect your belongings in the process. Never go for “the cheapest” company or even the company that has the best commercials on TV. The goal is to look for a licensed, experienced and reputable team that can help you with local and interstate moving. Ask for references, read online reviews, call and ask questions – this is the best way to make sure you are hiring the very best moving services that you can afford.

Get a FREE Estimate
Our goal at Statewide Moving Company is to provide each and every client we serve with a worry-free moving experience. We provide quality moving with guaranteed pricing and will come out to your home to provide you with a FREE estimate for your local and interstate moving needs. Our team is highly trained in the process required for moving furniture, boxes and valuable items regardless of the weather. Because we are located in New England, we know a thing or two about residential moving in rain, snow, sleet and wind. When we provide you with a FREE estimate, we guarantee that price, so you won’t have any surprises.

What that means is that whether you move on a clear, sunny day or on a cold, snowy day, your price will stay the same. We know you can’t control the weather any more than we can, so there’s no reason to charge you more for our services just because snow started falling from the sky. Other moving companies will often tack on surcharges for weather-related delays or extra precautions that must be taken due to snow and ice. We provide quality moving with guaranteed pricing for all residential moving in New England, regardless of the weather.

Tips for Winter Moving
Even though you have hire a team to help you with planning a local move in the winter, there are still a few things that you should do for yourself that will help to make your move more successful. Make sure that your personal vehicle is ready for travel. Get your car serviced with an oil change, a tire check and rotation, and make sure all of the fluids get topped off. Make sure that the heater and all of the lights are working properly at your new home. You don’t want to get there with all your stuff just to find out you can’t safely stay there anyway. Contact the local utility companies at least a week ahead of time to ensure that everything is transferred into your name and switched on the day before you move-in.

If you experience a snowfall the night before your move, take time to clear driveways and sidewalks before the movers arrive. This will prevent any delays in moving your things from your current home into the truck. Check your new place to see that the driveways and sidewalks are cleared so the local and interstate moving company will be able to get your things inside your new home. Consider salting sidewalks and driveways to prevent slipping while moving heavy items and bulky furniture. Communicate with landlords and real estate agents if the weather gets too crazy, just in case you need to delay moving out or moving in by a day due to blizzard conditions.

BONUS TIP: Consider getting plastic sheets to cover the carpet or hardwood flooring inside the house – at both locations – to prevent damage from movers coming in and out of the winter weather. You don’t want to lose your cleaning deposit at the old place or cause damage at the new place.

Contact Statewide Moving Company
If you are planning a local move or need assistance with interstate residential moving in New England and beyond, contact Statewide Moving Company by calling 508-620-6411. Our team can provide you with a FREE estimate for all of your local and interstate moving needs, whether you need to move in the winter or any other time of year. Ask about our quality moving with guaranteed pricing for a worry-free residential move.

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