Planning a Move in the Summer: Framingham Residential Moving

Planning a Move in the Summer: Framingham Residential Moving

Framingham residential moving in the summerOne of the most popular times of the year to plan for residential moving in New England is the summer. For obvious reasons, making a move during the cold, snowy, and icy months of winter would be a real challenge. However, there are other benefits to Framingham residential moving in the summer months that you might want to take advantage of, if you can. One way to make any move easier is to hire professional moving services. Statewide Moving Company is an experienced Framingham moving company with many opportunities for residential clients. Whether you are staying local or moving out of state, our team can help with everything from the packing, loading, and transport of your belongings to other specialized services like secured storage, custom crating, and specialty packing.

Why is Summer So Popular?

Selling a home, changing jobs, or moving closer to your child’s school are just some of the reasons why homeowners decide to make a strategic move. Other reasons might include downsizing, renting or buying a bigger place, or moving in with other family members. Multi-generational homes are very popular right now as families come together to support aging grandparents and provide a quality care situation for young children while focusing on their careers. Other reasons might include finding a new place that helps to reduce monthly costs, improve safety conditions, or seek a different weather situation. Whatever your reasons, choosing to make plans for residential moving in New England during the summer can help you to achieve your goals.

Some of the other reasons why people move more in summer include:

  • vacation time available from work
  • school vacation for kids to reduce the disruption of class time
  • more help available from family and friends
  • better weather conditions – less rain and no snow or ice
  • more opportunities to seek out a new place to live

Planning Ahead is Essential

Because summer is so popular for Framingham residential moving, you will want to start making plans as soon as possible. If you are going to use professional moving services, purchase or rent moving boxes, and use storage solutions for your moving strategy, the sooner you can secure all of these services and products, the better. Residential moving in New England is much easier when you have a team of professionals on your side. Our Framingham moving company can get you everything you need to plan a successful move. We can sell you the boxes, packing materials, and other essential needed to carefully and securely pack up your belongings. We also have a team of highly-trained and experienced packers who can come to your home and take care of it for you to help save time.

Some people think that professional moving services are more costly than trying to make a move on their own. The truth is that after you factor in the cost to rent a moving truck, the fuel required to transport your goods and return the truck, insurance costs and fees, boxes and moving supplies, plus all of the time it takes to pack, load, unload, and unpack your things, it will usually break even. Instead of having to talk friends and family into helping you with the move or seriously damaging your back by moving heavy furniture on your own, you can count on Statewide Moving Company to provide you with comprehensive services for Framingham residential moving in Massachusetts, New England, and anywhere else you need to go. Our logistics team can assist with the planning process and come up with a solution that meets your needs and your budget.

Framingham Residential Moving

If you are interested in planning a move or would like a FREE ESTIMATE for our worry-free moving services, contact Statewide Moving at 508-620-6411. We can answer any questions you might have about our services and help you to save money while ensuring a safe and efficient moving process. Whether you are moving from a house or an apartment, our team can help you to relocate all of your belongings without all of the stress, physical labor, and hassle that typically comes with Framingham residential moving. Call today to get upfront pricing and details about our professional moving services.

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