Planning an Interstate Move in Southeastern Massachusetts

Planning an Interstate Move in Southeastern Massachusetts

interstate-move-massachusettsIf you are thinking about making a move to another state, you will want to hire quality moving services to help you get the job done right. Planning an interstate move is different than making a move to another town within the same state. There are things that you will need to know about what can be moved across state lines and what cannot, as well as tips from professional residential moving services that can help you to properly pack and protect your belongings.

Step One – Pick a Reputable Company
When you start looking around to find a Southeastern Massachusetts moving company that you can trust, make sure to consider reputation, qualifications, experience and equipment before you think about cost. While the bottom line is important to all of us, many homeowners have made drastic mistakes by just choosing the cheapest service instead of paying a few dollars more for a service that would have better suited their needs.

Step Two – Learn More About Interstate Moves
Take time to learn more about planning an interstate move and what is required. There are free government websites that can help you learn about the state that you are moving to, with regard to laws, regulations, local law enforcement and local government offices, that can help you a lot. For example, some states do not allow food or plants to be transported across state lines. Other states have laws against certain types of pets. So if you have something that you think might be a problem, make sure to investigate it first.

Step Three – Use a Licensed Mover
Make sure that the residential moving services that you choose to work with has a USDOT number. That number is assigned by the US Department of Transportation to quality moving services that are authorized to move household goods from state to state.

Step Four – Get a Written Estimate
When you are planning an interstate move with a Southeastern Massachusetts moving company, make sure to get a written estimate that is very clear about all of the services and charges so you will know what to expect. For example, if the company will be packing your belongings, make sure that is stated in the estimate. If the company will be providing you with packing materials so you can pack your things yourself, make sure that is stated in the estimate. If you have any questions, ask before you sign anything and call the company before your move if anything new comes up.

Step Five – Start Packing
Whether you pack everything yourself or if the company comes to pack things for you, make sure to start packing far enough in advance to get everything taken care of before the big move. If there are fragile items that you want to pack yourself and move in your personal vehicle, make sure to do it ahead of time and clearly mark the boxes.

Step Six – Make Arrangements
Make sure that you make all of the arrangements at the new location for utilities, mail forwarding and address changes, meeting with the landlord or real estate agent for the key, as well as anything else that needs to be handled. If you have kids, don’t forget to get their vaccination and medical records from the pediatrician. You will need these when you register them for school in a new state. Bring all insurance information, as well as any other important documents like birth certificates, marriage licenses and court records, in your personal vehicle to make sure you have them in your possession at all times. Schedule your moving day with the Southeastern Massachusetts moving company and make sure there are no misunderstandings about when you should expect the movers and when you should expect your things at the new location.

Step Seven – Check the Order and Bill
When you work with quality moving services you will have two pieces of paper that you should receive from the moving company. The first is an “order for service,” which will list clearly all of the services that the mover is prepared to perform for you on specific dates and times. The second is known as a “bill of lading,” which is a contract between you and the residential moving services, as well as a receipt taking possession of your belongings. This is for insurance purposes in case anything were to happen to your things during the move.

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