Planning Commercial Move is Much Different Than Moving House

Planning Commercial Move is Much Different Than Moving House

Commercial Move Planning for BusinessesIf you have ever moved from one apartment or home to another, you know that the basic fundamental jobs associated with moving include packing things up, loading them into a truck, transporting them to the new location, and then unpacking it all again. There’s actually a lot more to it, but you get the picture. When it comes to planning a commercial move, it is important to take into consideration all of the things that are different.

Whether your concerns are regarding odd-sized furniture and sensitive client files, or if you need to move radiology equipment in Massachusetts, it is important to hire a service that specializes in and has experience with your type of move. Specialty commercial packing services and quality moving with guaranteed pricing may seem impossible to find, but you can get all of this and more at Statewide Moving Company.

Why Are You Relocating?
There are many reasons why commercial businesses may choose to relocate. It is important to consider not just the reasons behind the move and the benefits that will come from a relocation, but to also think about any health and safety advantages or challenges that may come from making such a move. Most offices won’t see any impact if they move from a quality building to another quality building, however some industries require additional health and safety aspects be put into place before a move can occur. In some situations, you may need to make adjustments at the new location to accommodate your equipment and business structure, while in other situations, the move may be advantageous in that it is already set-up for your type of industry.

When planning a commercial move you should figure out:

  • what needs to be taken care of at every stage of the move
  • whether you require specialty commercial packing services
  • if you have sensitive or high value items that will require special care
    if there are any complications with the move, such as elevators, staircases, loading docks, moving restrictions, etc.
  • whether there are any legal restrictions for relocating equipment, such as laboratory items or to move radiology equipment in Massachusetts
  • what your staff needs to do to help prepare
  • if there are any restrictions on what professional movers can relocate, such as client or patient files, with regard to legal implications and requirements
  • whether you want to move any of it yourself or have the moving company take care of it all for you
  • when you need to move, what time the space will be available and when you need to be out of your current location

Tips for Planning a Commercial Move
The first step is to hire a trusted, experienced, licensed and insured company that offers quality moving with guaranteed pricing, such as Statewide Moving Company. Choose a good time of year to move, avoiding the busy season in your industry and making sure that you will be settled before the next busy phase hits your business. Make sure to consider any customers or clients that come to your current place of business and notify them as soon as you can in advance of your move. Post notices in the office, send out email or post mail newsletters, and consider sending out a separate postcard notification or letter about the impending move. Provide a map with the address and phone number, just in case there are any questions.

Make plans for the new space ahead of time, taking into account any inventory, storage, work space areas, client areas or production space that you might require. If you need to move radiology equipment in Massachusetts, as well as any other type of high value or sensitive equipment, make sure that you know exactly where you want it to go at the new location. Then you can double-check to ensure that the equipment will fit into the space and that you will be able to use it where you are placing it. Examine office furniture to ensure that it is all in good condition. You don’t want to pay the movers and specialty commercial packing services to pack up and move things you don’t want or need.

Other things to consider when planning a commercial move include:

  • where everything will go – break-room space, copy room, first aid area, work spaces, desk areas, separate offices, coffee area, water cooler space, meeting rooms, exam rooms and anything else that you will require
  • ensure there is room – you will want to know in advance if modular furniture or cubicles will be able to work in a specific space
  • check for power – things like outlets, phone jacks, restrooms, computer network areas and other essential features should be considered and planned for prior to your move
  • safety regulations – make sure that your new office space meets local regulations regarding the number of restrooms, parking spaces, square footage, HVAC and emergency options as required by local and state law for the number of employees that you have working for you

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