Planning Winter Move? Hire a Moving Company in Massachusetts

Planning Winter Move? Hire a Moving Company in Massachusetts

Residential Moving in the WinterOne of the most difficult types of residential moves in Southeastern Massachusetts has nothing to do with the number of stairs or weird angles in a building, but more to do with the weather that we experience here in the northeastern states. While you might book your November move in the middle of August, you might forget that your residential moving services will very likely occur in the midst of snow and ice. While it’s warm and sunny, we often forget that our local and interstate moving projects will likely have a challenge presented to use by Mother Nature.

When you hire a team to provide you with professional packing supplies, services and day of moving services, you get to avoid all of those seasonal pitfalls. However, that doesn’t meant that you can’t do a few things on your end to make the moving process go a lot smoother. The best thing you can do is reserve your services at least 30 days in advance – more if you know ahead of time. Our team can work with you to plan and adjust plans accordingly, depending on the weather conditions. This will ensure that your things get moved from point A to point B on schedule without delay.

Tip #1 – Keep the Heat
Don’t make the common mistake of shutting your utilities off the day before or the day of the move. You’ll be left freezing in your apartment or home while you wait for the professional packing supplies team to show up or for the moving company in Massachusetts to load your boxes and things onto the truck. Schedule the utility shut off for the day after your move just in case you decide to go back and do some extra cleaning or checking after the movers have gone. You need the utilities for the heat and warmth that they provide, but also for the light. Remember that the days are shorter in the fall and winter months, so you want to make sure that you have enough light to see.

Tip #2 – Dress Accordingly
Just like your mother taught you, it’s a good idea to dress in layers when you work with residential moving services during the winter in Southeastern Massachusetts. The layers will help you prevent over-heating when you go indoors from the cold, while also preventing you from freezing when you go outdoors after being in the warm apartment or house. Despite having a team of professionals for your local and interstate moving, chances are good that you will still be going in and out to put things in your personal vehicle. Certain things, such as pet foods, cleaning supplies and other items that are on the no-go list from the federal government for professional moving trucks, will all need to go in your car or truck, so be prepared by dressing in layers.

Tip #3 – Work With Your Movers
When you contact Statewide Moving Company in Massachusetts to start planning your move, make sure to let us know about any specialty items that will also need to be loaded and transported. Things like pianos, organs and other large furniture pieces, may require special handling to protect your belongings. Our professional packing supplies and services can help you to protect packed items, but for everything else you should give our moving team a heads up so they will have everything they need to load everything up properly and with care. This is especially true in the winter months. You don’t want any surprises when there is snow and ice on the ground and you are having all of your things moved.

Tip #4 – Be Prepared
Think about anything and everything that could go wrong with your move and be prepared. If you are unable to move that day because of a freak snow storm that shuts down the city, make sure you have a plan B with your current landlord to allow you to stay an extra day or some other solution to safeguard your stuff until the roads are safe to drive again. Working with a professional team for your residential moving services, whether you are doing local or interstate moving, will help you to avoid common issues that DIY movers often face, but sometimes there are weather situations that cause delays even with professional services. The US Post Office, express packaging services and even grocery store delivery services are often shut down in storms of extreme snow and ice, so it is possible to have unavoidable delays when it comes to your moving experience.

Have a Worry-Free Experience at Statewide Moving Company
If you are planning a residential or commercial move in the Greater Massachusetts area, give us a call at 508-620-6411. Our team can help you create a solid plan for your residential moving services, regardless of the time of year. We can help you overcome obstacles that you might not have even considered. Our team has many years of experience and is highly trained to work with specialty moving situations for local and interstate moving in the New England area. Call today to speak with a team member or to schedule your winter move.

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