Reserve Moving Services ASAP: Summer Moving in Massachusetts

Reserve Moving Services ASAP: Summer Moving in Massachusetts

If you plan to make a residential move this summer, make sure to start making plans early. Securing a Framingham moving company will ensure that you don’t get caught without transportation on moving day. Summer is the busiest time of year for moving in the northeast. Good weather, kids are out of school, and many opportunities make it ideal for families and individuals to make local moves in Massachusetts. Instead of renting a truck and bullying your family and friends into loading your stuff onto a rickety truck, why not reserve moving services with Statewide Moving Company and let our team do the heavy lifting. Our many years of experience working in the New England area and staff of highly trained and experienced moving technicians can make the whole process a lot easier.

How Soon is Too Soon?

Depending on where you live in Southeastern Massachusetts, you might want to start making plans in early spring for a summertime move. Ideally, as soon as you having your moving date confirmed, you can go ahead and contact our Framingham moving company to get a FREE estimate and schedule services. Residential moving protection, professional packing services, and other value-added options can help you to focus on all of the other tasks that must be done to complete a move, while we take care of everything else. We will come to your home and take note of everything that needs to be moved. If there are specialty items or challenging layouts to work with, we will make plans ahead of time to eliminate any guesswork on the day of your move. The more we can do to prepare ahead of time, like making sure to have enough movers and equipment on hand, the easier it will be on moving day.

Preparing to Move

Take advantage of early planning to get everything in your house in order. Go through cabinets, dressers, closets, and storage areas to get rid of anything you don’t want to keep anymore. The less you have to move, the faster the process will go. There’s no use in moving something from point A to point B if you don’t have any use for it. Professional planners and organizers tell their clients that moving is the best time to purge unwanted or broken items. Toss the things that can’t be used any longer, sell the things that are in good condition that still have value, and consider donating old clothes, blankets, or anything that is still useful to a local charity. Not only will you streamline your move, but you might be able to help others and earn a couple of bucks in the process!

Become a List-Maker

Another great tip for those who are planning a move is to start making lists of all the things you have to do. Once you contact our Framingham moving company to reserve moving services, everything else will fall into place. You can start scheduling the utilities to be turned on at the new location and contact current utility companies to let them know you will be shutting them off after you complete your local moves in Massachusetts. Provide a forwarding address and moving date to the Post Office to ensure that you don’t miss out on any essential letters or bills. Contact credit card companies, banks, and any utilities or services that you will continue to use and let them know about your new address. Speak with one of our representatives about residential moving protection options that you can use to insure your belongings during the move.

Get a FREE Estimate

Start the moving process today by contacting Statewide Moving Company to get a FREE quote or to reserve moving services. We have locations in Framingham, Natick, West Yarmouth, and West Bridgewater to best serve our customers throughout the Southern Massachusetts region. If you would like to learn more about the services we provide or wish to speak with a representative about any questions you might have about scheduling local moves in Massachusetts, contact our Framingham Moving Company by calling 508-620-6411. We can offer a complete quote and provide services designed to make your move a worry-free experience.

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