Reserve Moving Services Now for Framingham Commercial Moving

Reserve Moving Services Now for Framingham Commercial Moving

The sooner you can begin to make plans for Southeastern Massachusetts commercial moving, the easier it will be to get everything done according to your required timetable. While many residential moves are planned in 30-days or less, there are more logistics to consider for a commercial retail, office complex, or medical and dental office moving. Notifying customers and vendors, creating a strategy to reduce downtime, and making sure that high-value or sensitive assets are moved properly can involve a lot of planning. If possible, contact Statewide Moving Company to reserve moving services at least 30-60 days in advance. The more time we have to visit your facility, assess the items that need to be moved, and evaluate the current and new locations for potential complications, the easier it will be to streamline the entire process.

Specialty Moving Services

When it comes to Framingham commercial moving, each relocation can be a very unique event. Depending on the industry that you serve, the size of your business, and any requirements from the current or future location regarding moving methods, additional strategy may be required. Our Southeastern Massachusetts commercial moving company has many years of experience working with clients throughout the New England area, providing local and interstate moving services. We are proficient in medical and dental office moving and have even moved high-tech radiology departments and high-value medical laboratories for clients in the past. Our technicians are highly trained and have the experience, equipment, and tools necessary to get the job done right.

In addition to specialized services for specific industries, we also offer professional packing services and use high-quality packing materials. We can assist in the packing and loading at your current location and schedule unpacking and unloading at the new destination. Complex server rooms, modular furniture, and other unique situations can be planned for as well when we schedule your move. Make sure to speak with our logistics specialists about any questions, concerns, or specific items that you need to have handled by our team. We offer each and every client that we serve a custom price estimate. This will help you to budget the financial resources necessary to complete your move on-time and create a worry-free moving experience. We find that price estimates help commercial clients avoid any unnecessary surprises on moving day.

Secure Storage Opportunities

Another way that we help our clients to facilitate Framingham commercial moving is by offering secure storage opportunities before, during, and after the move has been completed. Whether you are upgrading, downsizing, or need to move certain items ahead of your move, our secure storage facility can be used to help you achieve your goals. In some situations, moving off-season retail displays and stock can expedite the moving process on moving day, reducing the number of items that need to be loaded and unloaded so the new store can open as scheduled. Storage is frequently used by commercial clients as a solution to complicated moves. If you think that storage could benefit your commercial retail, office, service, or medical and dental office moving process, speak with one of our representatives.

Our secure storage facility features:

  • Smoke detectors, sprinkler systems, and pest control services to keep your things safe.
  • Individual alarms on every single unit for better 24/7 protection and security.
  • Solutions for pianos, organs, antiques, and other specialty items.
  • Temperature-controlled storage to protect your belongings during cold winter weather.

Reserve Moving Services Today

Are you ready to make plans for Southeastern Massachusetts commercial moving? All of our moving services include loading your items and moving them to your new destination. You can decide whether you wish to reserve moving services that include packing and unpacking, storage solutions, and other specialty services. We can provide you with an upfront estimate for all of our moving services to ensure that you are prepared for all Framingham commercial moving costs. Give us a call at 508-620-6411 to speak with one of our commercial moving specialists about your needs or to schedule an in-person appointment to go over your moving plans. We can help you have a worry-free moving experience and ensure that we address all of your unique needs and requirements to deliver services that will meet or exceed your expectations.

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