Residential Moving Protection: Professional Movers in Yarmouth

Residential Moving Protection: Professional Movers in Yarmouth

Yarmouth residential moving servicesMoving can be a very stressful and frustrating experience, depending on how you are able to approach it. Hiring a company to take care of your residential moving in New England can help to reduce stress, eliminate common issues associated with relocations, and ensure that you get everything moved according to schedule. As licensed and experienced professional movers in Yarmouth, Massachusetts, Statewide Moving Company has all of the equipment, trained technicians, and services available to help you achieve all of your moving goals. Residential moving protection is just one of the ways that we help our customers to have a worry-free moving experience, whether they are staying local, going to a new city and state, or relocating somewhere across the country.

What is Residential Moving Protection?

One advantage of working with professional movers in Yarmouth or anywhere in the South Coast area is the ability to purchase residential moving protection. Think of this option as an insurance policy for your move. It is designed to compensate customers if something were to happen to their belongings during the relocation. Statewide Moving Company offers quality moving services for both local and interstate moving. We can even provide professional packing and unpacking services to make your move even easier. There are currently two types of residential moving protection options available for customers to choose from based on their needs.

  • FREE COVERAGE – This program is included with every rental for West Yarmouth residential moving. The free coverage costs you nothing and requires no added contract or registration to get it. The coverage pays 60-cents per pound per article for damaged items.
  • REPLACEMENT COVERAGE – This type of residential moving protection offers a higher rate of compensation, should your items become damaged or lost. The replacement coverage is currently set at $9 per thousand of total shipment value.

If you aren’t sure which program is best for you and your move, speak with one of our customer service agents. They can provide more details about both the FREE and REPLACEMENT coverage options, as well as other safeguards and services designed to further protect your items during a move. Statewide Moving Company can help to take all of the stress out of your next residential move. We even offer a FREE estimate for quality moving with affordable pricing to help you plan all associated costs for your relocation.

Other Ways to Protect Your Belongings

When you work with Statewide Moving Company for residential moving in New England, there are other services that we can provide that will help you to further protect your belongings. Anytime you pack up your things, load them into a truck, cart them across the city, place them in storage, unload them from a truck, and put them into a new place, you take the chance on something being damaged. Professional moving supplies can help to reduce this risk considerably, offering proper packing materials for each item. From boxes to packing tape, mattress bags to bubble wrap – we’ve got everything you might need to protect your belongings during a move.

In addition to selling packing supplies to our customers, we also offer professional packing services in addition to our Yarmouth residential moving service. Our team of highly trained and experienced residential packers can come to your location, pack up your things safely and securely, and then prepare them for the move. We have worked with residential and commercial customers for many years and have specialty packing options for everything from electronic equipment and computers to large-screen televisions, pianos, organs, and oversized furniture. You can trust Statewide Moving Company and our team of professional movers in Yarmouth and the surrounding New England area.

Give us a call at 508-620-6411 to speak with one of our agents to schedule a consultation or to get a FREE estimate for our services. We can answer any questions that you might have about setting up residential moving, how far in advance you should reserve a truck and team, and offer details about our packing supplies, packing services, and other specialized service opportunities. Call today and see why so many residential and commercial clients in the Southeastern Massachusetts area have trusted our team for all of their moving needs. We have locations in West Yarmouth, Natick, Framingham, and West Bridgewater to best meet the needs of our customers.

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