Should You Hire Moving Services in Massachusetts for Your Move?

Should You Hire Moving Services in Massachusetts for Your Move?

hire-moving-servicesWhen you start planning a move, whether you are doing local and interstate moving or moving out of the country, there are a lot of expenses to consider. First month’s rent and deposit at the new rental property or closing costs if you are buying a new home. Residential insurance, new utility deposits, the cost of a moving truck, fuel for that moving truck, boxes and packing supplies – it can sometimes be overwhelming. Combine all of that with the stress of having to pack up everything you own, hope that you pack it right so nothing breaks, and get it all to the new location. There’s a good reason why they say that moving is just as stressful as getting fired from your job, getting married or having a first child.

Reduce Stress: Hire Professional Movers in Yarmouth, MA

If you live in the South Coast area and are looking to plan a residential move, contact Statewide Moving. While there are a lot of moving services in Massachusetts, Statewide Moving has many years of experience working with clients just like you. Out of all the Cape Cod moving services and companies that services all of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut and beyond, Statewide Moving helps to move clients to and from apartments, condos, single-family homes, businesses and can even help with specialty items, such as pianos, organs, antiques and hard-to-move items.

A lot of people will debate whether or not hiring a team of professional movers will be worth the cost. When you consider how much you pay for a truck rental, insurance on that truck rental, gas for that truck rental and all of the time, hassle and aggravation spent on packing, loading, driving an awkward shaped truck, unloading, unpacking and then still having to take the truck back before the deadline – it all adds up. Weighing the cost and stress related issues between hiring a pro for local and interstate moving versus trying to do it yourself can be a great way to determine if professional moving services in Massachusetts are right for you.

Questions to Ask Yourself

As you consider whether or not hiring professional movers in Yarmouth, MA at Statewide Moving is the best solution for you and your particular move, there are some important questions you need to ask yourself. Once answered, these questions can help you determine whether or not professional movers would be a benefit in your particular situation.

  • How far are you moving? If you are just moving from one apartment to the next in the same complex, chances are that Cape Cod moving services won’t be as much of a benefit as if you were moving even just a couple of blocks away, a town away or to another state. Local and interstate moving services in the New England area can be just as beneficial as services for people who are relocating thousands of miles away.
  • How much stuff needs to be moved? If you don’t have a lot of furniture and belongings, it might be easier for you to rent a small truck and just move it yourself. However, if you have a typical household of furniture, including living room furniture, dining room table and chairs, appliances, bedroom furniture and all of the things that you use in each of the rooms, from pots and pans to clothing and toiletries, moving services in Massachusetts could be a huge benefit. Whether you pack it yourself or have a pro pack it for you, just the loading and unloading of all that stuff could be worth it in time and energy saved.
  • Will your move be difficult? Some moves are easier than other moves, but if you have things like valuable or sentimental value antiques, a piano or other type of large musical instrument, fragile china or awkward, oversized furniture, you might benefit from hiring a professional. The thing is that these guys do this every day for a living. You only move a few times throughout your lifetime and just don’t have the experience to know how to pack breakable things or get big items out a small front door. You will save a lot of time, money and frustration by having a professional take care of the heavy lifting and create strategies that will help difficult items move easily and without incident.
  • Do you want someone else to do the packing? If you just don’t have the time – or the inclination – to do all of the packing for yourself, consider hiring professional movers in Yarmouth, MA to do it for you. They have all of the packing supplies, specialty boxes, protective wrap and know-how to make sure that everything is packed properly. You can always pack a couple boxes of personal items that you want to take care of yourself and then just leave everything else to the pros. Whatever works best for you – you’re the boss! And if you’re going to have someone pack it for you, why not have them load it in a truck, drive it to your new home and unload it for you too?

How to Hire the Right Company

It can be difficult to know who to hire for local and interstate moving. There are the “big name” companies that do rentals and long-distance moves, but what about local Cape Cod moving services that know the area, understand the area traffic and streets – people from the South Coast that know what you need and how you need it done? Statewide Moving has been providing top quality moving services in Massachusetts and the surrounding area for many years. We are a Better Business Bureau accredited business with an A+ rating. If you want references, we can give you references – but just ask around your neighborhood and speak with co-workers and you will find that we have a stellar reputation.

Give Statewide Moving a call today at 508-620-6411. We have offices and storage warehouses all over the Southeastern Massachusetts area, including West Yarmouth, West Bridgewater, Natick and Framingham. We can help you have a worry-free experience and get settled into your new home without all of the stress and backaches that usually accompany local and interstate moving. Call today for a FREE estimate!

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