Special Commercial Moving in Framingham for Medical Offices

Special Commercial Moving in Framingham for Medical Offices

Framingham Commercial Moving ServicesThere are many challenges associated with planning a commercial move. However, when it comes to moving medical offices, specialty commercial packing services are needed. Not only will a medical office have expensive, high-value equipment, but it will also have sensitive equipment that you need to move properly. Our Framingham commercial moving technicians have training and experience with medical practice and clinic relocations. Whether you are moving down the street, across town, or to another city, you can trust our services for commercial moving in Massachusetts.

Complete Moving Services

We provide our clients with complete commercial moving services from start to finish. Statewide Moving Company will come to your office to perform an inventory of all the things that need to be moved. We can provide you with full-servicing moving, including the packing and protection of each item. Our team of professional packers will ensure that all of your assets are properly packed, loaded, and moved to the new location. We know that you have a lot of other things that you are taking care of with your medical practice move. The last thing you need to worry about are the details of the physical move.

Our logistics team will work with you to schedule everything from the specialty commercial packing services up to your moving day. We will coordinate the move according to your schedule to reduce downtime and loss of availability to patients. When you are ready to move, we can move everything in a single day, including set-up at the new location. Our team is trained to move modular furniture and sensitive equipment, ensuring that all of your office tools will be moved safely and efficiently from point A to point B. Overweight, oversized, and fragile items will be moved carefully to make sure they don’t become damaged.

Experience & Training

When you hire our Framingham commercial moving company for your medical office relocation, you are hiring years of experience. Our team is also properly trained in planning a commercial move for medical and dental offices, medical laboratories, surgical centers, and even radiology labs. Our specialty commercial packing services use top quality packing supplies and techniques to protect all of your valuable assets. Whether you are moving right here in Southeastern Massachusetts or anywhere else in the New England region, we can help you plan a stress-free move.

Careful planning and strategy are required to move a specialty client successfully. Doctor’s offices, medical clinics, and other professional centers have the equipment, furniture, and other assets that must be moved carefully. It is essential to hire a team of movers that are experienced in specialty commercial packing services and moving. We create a custom plan for commercial moving in Massachusetts that is designed to address your specific needs. Our logistics team will meet with you and your staff to devise a moving plan that will minimize any disruptions in your day-to-day operations.

Prevent Structural Damage

Another important benefit of working with a team of Framingham commercial moving professionals is damage prevention. We don’t just work to protect your equipment, but also your commercial buildings. Large equipment can often cause damage to walls, stairwells, floors, and ceilings. Our logistics department will determine the best course of action before your move to eliminate costly delays. We have experience with measuring all of the angles and turns to make sure nothing happens during your move. Tight hallways, elevators, stairways, and service entrances, we will work to ensure the best solution when planning a commercial move.

Our movers can also take care of all the specialty commercial packing services, loading, and transportation much faster than you could do yourself. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you might “save a couple of bucks” by having your staff do the packing or loading. When you trust your move to our team for commercial moving in Massachusetts, you can rest assured that your medical equipment will be properly packed and moved. Instead of worrying about the move itself, you can keep your focus on your patients and work out the rest of the details for your move.

Call Statewide Moving Company

Need a FREE QUOTE for our Framingham commercial moving or specialty commercial packing services? Just give us a call, and we will come to your office to go over the details. At Statewide Moving Company, we provide a genuinely worry-free moving experience. From the moment that you schedule your move, you can count on our team to work with you every step of the way. Planning a commercial move doesn’t have to be a stressful situation. We can help you iron out the details so you can get on to the next location and start enjoying the brand new space. Give us a call at 508-620-6411 to speak with one of our team members or to schedule a FREE QUOTE appointment at your earliest convenience.

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