Specialty Commercial Packing & Moving Services in Framingham

Specialty Commercial Packing & Moving Services in Framingham

If you have a business, such as an office, retail store or even a medical practice, that is relocating to a new building; you can rely on commercial moving services in Massachusetts from Statewide Moving Company. Our team of highly trained and experienced packers and movers can assist with fragile, odd-sized, over-sized, and high-value items. We have many years of experience providing specialty commercial packing services to ensure that your equipment, furniture, and other assets arrive at the new destination in one piece. We have worked with doctor’s offices, dentists, and other professionals who have required the services of our Framingham commercial moving company.

As if fragile and high-value assets weren’t enough to consider, when providing Southeastern Massachusetts commercial moving services, there are sensitive items that must be dealt with professionally. In the case of medical and legal professionals, special care must be provided for computers, filing cabinets, and other equipment that contains patient or client data. This is not just for the benefit of the practice, but also due to government regulations, laws, and restrictions regarding the safety and security of this information. It pays to hire a company that specializes in this type of work for all of your commercial packing services and moving needs.

Why Hiring Local is Better
Sure, you could hire one of those big name companies that everyone knows to call when it’s time to move, but there are lots of reasons to hire a local Framingham commercial moving company instead. Not only can we provide you with better customer service and custom options for a worry-free moving experience, but we also know the local area a lot better than these bigger corporations. We know the neighborhoods and the unique demands of those areas to ensure that your move goes off without a hitch. Stairways, elevators, loading docks, and restricted street parking are just some of the obstacles that we work with every single day in the local area, which gives us a big advantage over a moving team who has rarely visited the region.

When you take advantage of our specialty commercial packing services, you also gain protection over your assets. When we pack and move everything for you, we can ensure that extra protections are provided during the packing process to insulate your fragile and high-value assets from damage. Insurance is a good thing, and we do offer it with all of our commercial moving services in Massachusetts and the Greater New England area, but it is better to have everything arrive in one piece than to have to go through a claims and replacement process. There are many reasons why it pays to hire our Southeastern Massachusetts commercial moving company to provide both packing and moving services.

Professional Equipment & Procedures
Another significant advantage to hiring specialty commercial packing services and moving for your local or interstate business move is that we have all of the professional equipment, supplies, knowledge, and procedures required to get the job done right. Our team has been trained in medical and dental office moving, and we have experience in medical lab moving for all of the sensitive high-value equipment. We can even move sensitive radiology equipment for our commercial clients. Our commercial packing services department makes sure your things are protected for the entire trip, so whether you are moving from the Cape up to Boston or need to move from Massachusetts to Rhode Island, we make sure that your assets can safely and securely make the trip.

We show up at your location with all of the best equipment designed to move your things safely. While you might have access to shipping trucks or containers, the do-it-yourself approach to commercial moving services in Massachusetts just can’t measure up to professional moving. Appliance dollies, four-wheel dollies, professional ramps, custom-built trucks, hoisting straps, and a host of other professional tools are used on every job by our Framingham commercial moving company. Narrow hallways, broken elevators, and entry doors that are too small to fit your equipment can be navigated and managed by our team.

Call Statewide Moving Company in Framingham
If you are planning on doing any Rhode Island or Southeastern Massachusetts commercial moving in the next year or so, contact our team by calling 508-620-6411 and speak with one of our friendly agents. We can come out to your place of business and provide you with a FREE quote for our commercial moving and packing services. Make sure to ask about our specialty commercial packing services and any other questions that you might have. Our mission is to provide each and every client with a worry-free moving experience, and that’s what we promise to give to you!

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