Specialty Commercial Packing Services for Framingham Business

Specialty Commercial Packing Services for Framingham Business

commercial packing and moving in framingham massachusettsWhen it comes time to relocate your business, whether you are upgrading to a larger facility or downgrading to save money, it pays to work with commercial moving services in Massachusetts. Even if you have company trucks and a team of employees who can help, you will save time and money by working with trained and experienced movers. Our Framingham commercial moving company offers a wide range of services to our commercial clients. Professional packing supplies can be provided for those who prefer to pack their offices and stock themselves, and specialty commercial packing services are available for high-value, sensitive, and over-size equipment, furniture, and displays.

Whether you work in the retail industry, operate a law office or other type of business center, own a food service business, or manage a medical practice, clinic, or hospital, we can help you to safely and efficiently move your assets. We understand the need for special care and services when it comes to high-value or sensitive equipment. Our logistics team will come to your property to assess your belongings. Once we determine the number of technicians and specialized equipment required to get the job done, we can give you a guaranteed price quote for our services. You can trust Statewide Moving company with all of your commercial moving services in Massachusetts and beyond.

Prevent Workplace Injuries

Regardless of the industry that you serve, the chances are good that you didn’t hire your employees because of their professional moving skills. While it might seem simple, a lot goes into making sure that a commercial move goes slowly to protect the assets of the client and ensure employee safety. Our team of moving technicians is highly trained in the latest packing, moving, loading, and lifting techniques to reduce workplace injuries and safeguard your belongings. A wide range of safety gear and moving equipment is used to minimize risk and overcome common obstacles associated with commercial moving services in Massachusetts.

Asking your employees to do anything more than pack up their own office space or cubicle could cost you in ways that you might not even imagine. If an injury of any kind were to occur while your team was packing, loading, and moving in a way that was outside of their job description and training, you would be held liable. Don’t put your employees and business at risk just because you think you might save a little bit of money. It’s not worth the potential cost if something were to go wrong. Employee injuries can be devastating, but damaged equipment and furniture will also cost you a lot to replace. Don’t take a chance – hire professional Framingham commercial moving services for your next move.

Reduce Business Downtime

Another benefit of working with professionals is that you and your team can focus on the day-to-day operations of running the business without being sidetracked by the move. Our commercial moving services in Massachusetts can work around your schedule to reduce downtime, minimize disruption, and help you to get back to work as soon as possible at the new location. Professional movers are more effective and efficient than employees who have not been trained for this type of work. Our specialty commercial packing services can even be used to move high-value, sensitive equipment, such as medical devices, radiology departments, and complete laboratories.

We can complete your move over a weekend, after hours, or at any other time that would best suit your business needs. Additional services, such as storage space rental in our climate-controlled, secured facility, can help you to move surplus items before the new location is ready for move-in to reduce the number of things that will need to be transported from your current location on moving day. We can move office supplies, retail stock, heavy equipment, modular furniture, and even entire server rooms filled with sensitive computer machinery. Whatever your needs, our logistics team can help to create a solution that is right for you.

Professional & Reliable Service

Contact Statewide Moving Company to learn more about our commercial moving services in Massachusetts and the surrounding New England region. Our professional packing supplies can be delivered ahead of your move for your team to pack, or we can also offer specialty commercial packing services for high-value, sensitive equipment, and other hard-to-pack items. Give us a call at any one of our locations by calling 508-620-6411. We have offices in West Yarmouth, Framingham, Natick, and West Bridgewater to best serve our local commercial customer base.

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