Specialty Commercial Packing Services for Natick Businesses

Specialty Commercial Packing Services for Natick Businesses

natick commercial moving companyWhile there are some instances where specialty packing is suggested for a residential move, when it comes to commercial moving services in Massachusetts, it is usually required. If you have ever moved as an individual, you probably know that there are unique cartons created specifically for dishes, wardrobe items, and heavy-duty pieces, as well as special shapes for flat panel televisions and home electronics. Our moving company in Natick, Massachusetts, works with a lot of corporate and professional clients, so our team is prepared to offer specialty commercial packing services for just about any type of business. The packing department at our Framingham commercial moving company can even accommodate high-value, oversized, and sensitive equipment or machinery, depending on your needs.

Medical and Dental Practices

One of the areas where our technicians have received the most training is concerning the equipment, furniture, and high-value items required for the medical and dental field. We are very experienced in the area of medical lab moving and have even moved radiology equipment via our commercial moving services in Massachusetts for our clients. Our team of highly trained packing specialists can also assist in this area, providing top quality packing materials and unique packing methods as part of our specialty commercial packing services. Whether you are moving a dental clinic from Cape Cod to Boston or relocating your medical practice from Rhode Island to Massachusetts, our Framingham commercial moving company can help you to achieve your goals.

Computer Technology and Server Rooms

Another area that requires a lot of specialized training is the technology industry. Our team can work with your IT department to provide comprehensive packing and moving services for your most sensitive, high-value equipment. Just contact our moving company in Natick, Massachusetts or any of our other Southeastern Massachusetts locations, to discuss your specific needs and requirements. Our specialty commercial packing services and access to professional packing supplies can help to protect your essential technology equipment and machinery, including computers, server rooms, peripherals, and related furniture. Working with our logistics department can help you with all of your tech-based moving needs and provide you with a worry-free moving experience.

General Commercial Moving Services

While we do offer specialty commercial packing services for unique operations, equipment, and high-value assets, Statewide Moving Company also has a lot of experience working with general commercial clients. We have moved restaurants, retail shops, legal offices, service-based businesses, and many other industries. Our packing services can help by providing professional quality packing materials, as well as assist with packing and loading at your current business location. We can also unpack, unload, and assist in the placement of equipment and machinery at your new location. Need storage? Our moving company in Natick, Massachusetts, even offers short to long-term storage opportunities designed to help facilitate your local, interstate, or regional commercial relocation.

Professional Service and Guaranteed Pricing

When you work with Statewide Moving Company for commercial moving services in Massachusetts, you can count on us to provide you with a comprehensive price estimate. Our team will come to your location and take inventory of the items that you need us to move. We offer a price estimate to help our commercial clients plan for all moving costs upfront. Whether you require specialty commercial packing services or other unique commercial moving services in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and the surrounding area, Statewide Moving Company can help you to achieve your goals. We are proud to have earned a solid reputation for providing quality moving services and make every effort to ensure absolute satisfaction from every client we serve.

Competitive rates and services, as well as specialized services and professional customer service, are just some of the keys to our success. Our logistics department can help you to carefully plan every aspect of your commercial move while working to meet or exceed your expectations. If you would like to learn more about Statewide Moving Company or schedule an appointment for a consultation, please contact our customer service department. You can reach us at one of our Southeastern Massachusetts locations, including our West Bridgewater, West Yarmouth, Natick, and Framingham commercial moving company, by calling 508-620-6411. Call today and find out why so many commercial businesses have trusted Statewide Moving Company for all of their moving services in New England and beyond.

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