Specialty Commercial Packing Services in Framingham for Retail

Specialty Commercial Packing Services in Framingham for Retail

There are many reasons why a commercial business might need to move. However, whether your retail shop is growing and expanding to a new location or stepping back to a smaller space to regroup and focus your energy elsewhere, it is important to do it right. There are definite do’s and don’ts associated with commercial moving in Massachusetts. Make too many mistakes and you could lose part of your customer base or set your company growth back several months or years. Before jumping into a store front relocation, it’s a good idea to create a budget and discuss a strategy.

Even if you are moving to a new location just down the street, there are certain things you need to do to make sure it is in your best interest. Once you know how much you have to spend and have an idea of when you will be ready to take the plunge, make sure to contact your local Framingham commercial moving company to discuss logistics. It is important to get the biggest return on your investment by hiring a company that offers quality moving with guaranteed pricing so you won’t have any financial surprises on moving day. It all starts by getting a FREE QUOTE from Statewide Moving Company for specialty commercial packing services and relocation.

Tackling the Inventory
The hardest part of commercial moving in Massachusetts for a retail shop is moving all of your inventory. The best way to overcome this obstacle is to learn how to effectively liquidate your inventory or find a way to move and store it in an off-site storage facility until you are ready to open the new shop. You have probably seen other stores promote a “We’re Moving!” sale in the past. This has two benefits: first, it puts your customers on notice that you will be moving to a new location; and second, it helps you to boost sales and increase capital right before you have to shell out all that money on the move.

Thinning out your inventory also means less product that needs to be moved by the Framingham commercial moving company. It also means less need for specialty commercial packing services, especially if you have a lot of fragile or high value items in stock. Off-season retail products, such as holiday items, cold weather gear in the middle of summer, etc. can be boxed up early and taken to storage. In fact, check with the commercial moving company to see if they offer secure storage. You can arrange to have your off-season or excess stock moved to your new location once you get settled or continue storing it until you are ready for it again.

Work With Professionals
Hiring professional movers to relocate all of your display shelving, furniture, decorative items, remaining inventory, and other assets is essential to having a successful move. Don’t try to do it yourself and do not charge your employees with lifting and moving furniture. This can be a real liability, especially if you are expecting staff to lift boxes or furniture items that weigh more than 25 pounds. Unless it is stated in their employee contracts, do not ask them to lift and move anything that heavy or you could be held accountable for any injuries that occur. Commercial movers are licensed and insured for just this purpose, giving you peace of mind for any accidents that might occur. Plus, commercial moving in Massachusetts means trained and experienced movers, who will be able to handle and protect your assets much better than your untrained and inexperienced staff.

Reduce Downtime
Hiring a professional Framingham commercial moving company means being able to move over a weekend or even, in some cases, overnight to reduce downtime. This is key for busy or trendy shops that are concerned about losing momentum. Computers and other essential technology should be packed up on the morning of the move and unpacked to be set-up first at the new location. Utilities should be arranged to be on and ready at the new location and overlap to provide a few days of clean-up and inspection at the old location. When you hire Statewide Moving Company to provide quality moving with guaranteed pricing, if we promise your move will be completed by a certain date and time, you can take it to the bank.

You can also reduce downtime by getting your new location ready for the move. Make sure that all of the painting and interior work is done and that your new signage is ready to go. Ensure that internet connectivity, phone lines, and anything else that you rely on to conduct business is ready to go in advance of the move. Consider moving non-essential items over early and then move everything you need to stay open at the old location over on the actual moving day. Go over your ideas for strategy with the representative for commercial moving in Massachusetts so you can agree on a plan. If you have any specialty commercial packing services or needs that you need addressed, try to express those during your meetings as soon as possible.

Get a FREE Quote for Commercial Moving
Business owners who are considering a relocation in the New England area should contact our Framingham commercial moving company as soon as possible to schedule an appointment with our logistics coordinators. We have many years of experience providing a worry-free moving experience to our clients throughout the local region. Give us a call at 508-620-6411 to speak with one of our agents about your upcoming move.

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