What to Expect: Commercial Moving Services in Framingham, MA

What to Expect: Commercial Moving Services in Framingham, MA

When it comes to relocating your business, whether you own a retail store, a restaurant, are a partner at a law firm or have a dental practice, it is important to work with a local Framingham commercial moving company that has the equipment and the experience to get the job done right. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to local and interstate moving for commercial clients. Each industry has its own unique set of obstacles that must be overcome.

For example, medical or dental practices will likely have heavy furniture, sensitive equipment, and high-value items that must be moved carefully to avoid causing damage. Legal firms will have things like computers, servers, and file cabinets that house private and sensitive data for clients that must be moved, stored, and handled in a specific way. A quality moving service that has experience working with specialized commercial moves is vital to the success of your business’s relocation.

White Glove Services
Making a commercial move has a lot more “moving parts” than simply making a change of residence. There are so many things that must be considered, decided, and handled in advance to avoid excessive downtime or a loss of business. Customers and clients should be notified of the relocation in advance and a map provided to help them find your new office or retail space, and arrangements must be made to quickly breakdown and set-up your furniture, desks, equipment, and other essential assets during the move. One of the best ideas in Southeastern Massachusetts commercial moving is a service known as “white glove” moving. Typically used by commercial clients, this type of service helps to reduce the stress and burden of the business owner or office manager, handling every aspect of the physical moving process.

Some of the services you can expect from most “white glove” moving options include:

  • logistics planning to help reduce downtime and streamline your move, and to overcome all obstacles with regard to over-sized equipment and furniture, as well as moving on stairways, elevators, and into buildings that have specific moving restrictions
  • packing and labeling moving boxes; taking great care of sensitive, high-value- and over-sized assets; breaking down modular furniture, computer workstations, server rooms, and file rooms for easy transportation
  • lifting and loading all boxes and belongings onto the moving truck, according to your desired moving schedule
  • transporting all assets from point A to point B to complete the move
  • lifting and unloading all boxes into the new location
  • unpacking and setting up assets in the new location according to your specifications; assembling modular furniture, workstations, server rooms, and file rooms, as required
  • removing any unwanted furniture items that were left behind at the old location

All of these services, performed by highly trained, trusted, and experienced moving services in Massachusetts can help you to have a smooth transition between your old location and the new. This is an excellent option for busy offices or for companies that don’t want employees to helping with or taking care of the packing and the moving. This allows you to stay focused on running and growing your business, without having to worry about all the details of moving. Many of our commercial clients at Statewide Moving Company ask about these all-in-one packing, loading, and moving service options for local and interstate moving and relocation. It makes good business sense to have a reliable Framingham commercial moving company take care of it all for you.

Let Us Take Care of It for You
When you contact our Framingham commercial moving company to relocate your business, our logistics expert will come out to your office, restaurant, practice or shop. We will work with you to take inventory of all the things that need to be moved, taking note of any specialty or high-value items that may require special care. At that time, we can discuss how you want the move to go, whether you want our team to do all of the packing, or if you want to be responsible for packing up ultra-sensitive items on your own. We can arrange the move to go however you want, creating a schedule that will work best to reduce downtime and eliminate issues with customers, clients or patients.

Contact Statewide Moving Company for quality moving services by calling 508-620-6411. Our team can help you with local and interstate moving for your commercial relocation, providing a worry-free moving experience with our comprehensive moving services in Massachusetts.

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