When to Hire Specialty Moving Services for a Commercial Move

When to Hire Specialty Moving Services for a Commercial Move

Commercial moving in Massachusetts can be a big challenge, especially for businesses that have high value or over-sized equipment and furniture that need to be relocated. Specialty moving services, such as the ones available at Statewide Moving Company, can help when planning a commercial move for challenging situations. One example of this is medical and dental office moving. Medical equipment can be very costly, heavy and large. This makes it difficult for you and your office staff to move it safely. It pays to hire specialty moving services for things that require special care.

High Stress Moves
Another example of a time when a commercial move can benefit from professional services is when it is a high stress move. Stress can come from added pressure to move out of an old location or in to a new location quickly. Most businesses take a couple of months for planning a commercial move, so if you need to move in a faster time period and are feeling the crunch, specialty moving services can help. Just make sure to contact Statewide Moving Company as soon as you can to schedule movers for your moving date. You don’t want to wait too long and find that our teams are all booked up.

Difficult Structures
Moving a piece of heavy equipment as part of medical and dental office moving is one thing, but when you have to navigate narrow hallways, winding staircases and broken elevators, you need the experience of professional movers to help you achieve your goals. Statewide Moving Company has many years of experience working with commercial moving in Massachusetts. We can assist with difficult structures and situations to help make your commercial moving experience a lot less stressful and complicated. When we come to provide you with an estimate for your commercial move, we will ask to see the existing location and the new location, so we can plan for any eventuality.

Downsizing a Business
With the economy going the way it is these days, there are many businesses that move due to downsizing. Unfortunately, that also means that you will have less man power at the office to help with planning a commercial move. Our team can help you with packing, loading, unloading and unpacking, as well as specialty moving services to help you keep your schedule and get everything into the new location to reduce downtime.

Expanding a Business
On the other end of the spectrum, some businesses move because they are experiencing growth. Whether you are moving to a brand new, larger location or expanding to a second store, planning a commercial move to make sure that you reduce risk, downtime and confusion with customers is crucial. This holds true whether you are running a retail business, manufacturing plant or are planning medical and dental office moving. You need to make sure that you provide advance notice to patients or customers so they won’t think you went completely out of business.

Get a Guaranteed Quote
When you contact Statewide Moving Company for commercial moving in Massachusetts, you get a guaranteed quote for all of our professional services. Our goal is to provide each and every client we serve with a worry-free moving experience, and that includes planning a commercial move. Whether you require specialty moving services of you are planning a simple relocation, our team can help you to achieve your goals.

Ask About Professional Packing
In addition to specialty moving services, we also provide professional packing and unpacking. Not only does this reduce the amount of work that you and your team will need to accomplish during your move, but it also helps to increase the amount of protection provided for your assets. High value computers, servers and equipment can be crucial to the success of your business. Don’t just trust the moving of these types of items to just any moving company. Choose a service that has years of knowledge and experience when it comes to computers and other tech-based assets.

Contact Statewide Moving Company
If you are planning a commercial move in the northeastern states, contact Statewide Moving Company, a top provider of residential and commercial moving in Massachusetts. Give us a call at 508-620-6411 to learn more about the specialty moving services that we provide. Whether you need assistance with retail, warehouse, office space, medical and dental office moving, give us a call and get a FREE quote for your commercial move.

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