Worry-Free Framingham Residential Moving Ideas for Families

Worry-Free Framingham Residential Moving Ideas for Families

framingham residential moving companyPlanning a local move with children can be very stressful. The best way to ensure a smooth and worry-free moving experience is to take time to plan everything out and get organized right from the beginning. Another great way to reduce stress is to hire a team of professional Framingham residential moving experts. It’s not as expensive to work with professionals for local moves in Massachusetts as you might think. In addition to having someone else do all of the heavy lifting, you also get residential moving protection to safeguard your belongings during transportation and gain insight and support from a team of experienced movers who can help you get it all under control. Additional services are also available, including packing services and specialty moving options for things like pianos, oversize furniture, and other high-value items.

Telling the Kids

Depending on the ages of your children, this can be the most difficult part of planning a move. Whether you are staying in the same city or making local moves in Massachusetts to another area, moving out of the house or apartment that they have known for many years can be scary. Very young children can be especially frightened, but don’t overlook the changes that school-age kids will need to go through, including adolescents and teenagers. The more you can do to be in control and make organized plans for Framingham residential moving; the more confident your children will be in how they view this decision.

Start by calling a family meeting – either in the living room or at the dinner table. Consider making it a family night with pizza, a follow-up movie, or a game night. The reason for the move can make a big difference, such as buying a new house, renting a larger apartment, getting a job promotion, moving to a better school district, or making a relocation near a big park or some other landmark that the children will appreciate. Tell them how you feel about the move and encourage them to speak up about their feelings as well. Share age-appropriate discussions about moving and the positive changes that will occur.

Other things you can do to make it easier include:

  • taking them to see the new house or apartment
  • showing them photos of their new home
  • go online to show a local map with all of the fun things to see and do
  • take a tour of the new school that they would be going to at the new place
  • speak with parents of best friends to discuss future play dates to keep in touch

Pack, Toss and Donate

Moving is a great way to help clean out some of those old things that you no longer need or use to make room for new and more grown-up belongings. Make this a game with the kids and work with each child to cut through the clutter in their own room or space. Do NOT toss out or clean out a child’s things without their help. Even very small children will deal with this process easier if you clean the room with them. Make three piles (boxes, bags, etc.) to help with the sorting: pack/save, toss, and donate. Things that are still in good condition but outgrown should be donated to local churches or charity groups. Invite the children to participate in this part of the process as well.

Create a special box for each child to put their most special items. That box can be moved in your personal vehicle and should contain things that they will want to use first at the new house. Framingham residential moving services can take care of everything else, but having a special box, backpack, duffel bag, or other means of keeping important items can be very helpful. Many children will put in a favorite toy, electronic, stuffed animal, along with a special bedtime storybook, pajamas, toothbrush, and other essential belongings inside. Work with each child to help them decide what should go in their special box or bag.

Contact Statewide Moving Company

Residential moving protection is just one of the ways that we guarantee our customers will have a worry-free moving experience when they work with our Framingham residential moving company. Statewide Moving Company has many years of experience working with residential clients in the Southeastern Massachusetts and Cape Cod area, providing local moves in Massachusetts and all across the New England area. No matter where you are moving, you can count on our team to help you with planning a local move or out-of-state relocation. Give us a call at 508-620-6411 to get a FREE estimate for your move or to learn more about all of the services that we offer at Statewide Moving Company.

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